How To Delegate On The Run

Think you don't have time to delegate? Think again. This may be one of your limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your definition of success.

Get ready to delegate, without the excuses!


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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions, Number Six with Joy and Jo. Today's topic is how to delegate on the run.

- So, do you ever find that you're too busy in the day so you're hardly ever at your computer or you're checking things on your phone as you race between meetings?

- Mhmm.

- One of the easiest tools to get your tasks across to your VA, is to use something like Voxer or WhatsApp--

- Or there's also Viber.

- Viber?

- Mhmm.

- Yep, you can even do it on your Messenger--

- Yep, Facebook Messenger.

- Or even in iMessage as well. But we often use WhatsApp with our clients, and the reason you do that is because you could be, you could have left a meeting, you're on the way to the car or your next meeting, or driving, simply open the app, push a button, just record your instructions. Hey, I'd like you to do this. Can you send an email to so and so? And so forth. You can even attach photos--

- Take a photo of something.

- Add documents to that.

- Yeah, you might have taken notes in your meeting. Take a photo of the notes, WhatsApp them.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, but often you might come out of a meeting and there's a bunch of things that you need to do, things you need to add to your action list, or, you know, things that you don't wanna forget. So you could just, yeah, hold down the record button, like you say, and say all of the things that need to go on an action list or that the VA might be able to take care of, you know, and then you're just utilizing every minute of the day to delegate tasks out.

- Yeah. And we have a lot of clients that actually do it while they literally are walking between meetings. 'Cause you can hear it--

- Yeah.

- In the background, you know someone's on the run. And it saves you time from trying to write an email and so forth, so--

- Or, it also saves you time, actually like, calling someone, like finding a number, calling them, waiting for them to answer, they don't answer, so you leave a voice message, and--

- Yeah.

- Yeah. So they just get rid of all of that calling and voice messages for just quick, like, I need this done type of communication. So yeah.

- Yeah.

- We recommend WhatsApp, Voxer, Viber, Messenger, or iMessage.

- Yeah.

- Any of those tools that have the record feature.

- Yeah. Such a lifesaver.

- Yeah.

- A time saver.

- Absolutely. So that is Savvy Sessions, Number Six: How to Delegate on the Run.

- See ya next time.

End of Transcription.


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