What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Joy and Jo explain what a virtual assistant actually is, what they do and how they work.


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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions #9 with Joy and Jo, and today we are twinning it with our denim jackets.

- Yes, what happens when you don't check with your co-host what they're going to wear for the day.

- So, today's video is 'What is a virtual assistant?'

- Now, a virtual assistant is somebody who completes tasks for you but remotely. So, think of it as like having your own executive assistant or personal assistant in your office, perhaps your bookkeeper or office manager, but this person undertakes all those tasks off site. You can still access them with many other tools, but they're just not physically based in your office.

- Yeah, so they might be working from their home, they might be working from their home but contracted to a virtual assistant company, they might work from an office, like we do here at Strictly Savvy, we have employees who work from the office and they work for our virtual assistant company. And they might be local, so they might be in your region or they might be further afield within your country, or they might be working outside of your country, so overseas somewhere and again they might work from home or for a company over there. So, all sorts of different places that they might be working from or different ways that they might work. So, some of the things that they might do. So, they might just do work for you, like you're their only client and they might work for you full-time. They might work for multiple clients, so you're just only of the clients and they spread their work out and manage all of those clients all within their working week. Yeah, so the type of tasks that they might do could be.

- They could do inbox management,

- Booking your travel,

- Answering some phone calls for you, booking in clients,

- Formatting documents, proof-reading,

- Graphic Design, book keeping.

- Streamlining things, automating things,

- Implementing, like you might have some sort of marketing strategy that you want to implement, they could implement that for you.

- Manage your social media, create cover images for Facebook, all sorts of things to help and that sort of operational side of your business or your marketing side of business.

- And one of the good things is that you don't have to worry about covering things like sick leave. So, when you've got an executive assistant or personal assistant in your office, and they're sick you don't have their help for a day or two, whereas if you've got a virtual assistant, as long as they've got back-up, like we do at Strictly Savvy, we have a team, so we always have a back-up person, you get on-going support so there is no interruptions in the service that's delivered to you.

- So, the other thing with a virtual assistant is that you don't have to worry about all of the HR hassles that come with employees, or the extra costs. You don't have to provide them with their tools and equipment and subscriptions and, you know tea, coffee and all of those types of things.

- All adds up, doesn't it?

- So, yeah, you don't have to pay any of that and you're just paying whatever that virtual assistant has set their hourly rate as. And a good virtual assistant will actually provide you with the terms of engagement and then you'll sign the terms of engagement then get started with them. So it's super easy to hire them and get started. So, yeah, that is 'What is a virtual assistant.'

- Thanks for watching.

- With Joy and Jo, that's Savvy Sessions #9.

- See you next time.

End of Transcription.


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