The Biggest Threat To The VA Industry

In these times, there are threats to all industries. Can you guess what is the biggest threat to the virtual assistant industry? Joy and Jo delve into their take on this impending threat.

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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions number 12 with Joy and Jo.

- Right, in this session, we'll be telling you what is the biggest threat to the VA industry.

- Most people would say it's AI, and I tend to agree a little bit, and I disagree a little bit. So, AI is definitely going to be scheduling appointments and doing all sorts of tasks for people. We've already seen the videos out on Facebook, where Google has created AI, where it actually books a restaurant for someone, and can think on the spot. Absolutely, so without a doubt, there'll be scheduling appointments and doing all sorts of those type of tasks.

- However, it still requires people to actually uptake that technology and use it, and as we have seen and has been proven, you know, Xero, it's been out for more than a decade, and people are still manually doing their accounts, even though there's this amazing software that they could use.

- Yes, true, and things like managing your to-do list and tasks, there is still a lot of people that will jot down on a notebook, or have a diary next to them, or do little Post-it notes, whereas there are awesome apps like Trello that you can use just to manage them, and delegate tasks.

- Teamwork, manage all of your tasks, that you still might be writing tasks down for individual people on paper, and still using an old system.

- Also, time sheets, some people, some businesses, are still writing paper time sheets and might have one in their van or something for their guys, and they hand them in, and then the payroll person does the payroll. Even though there is amazing payroll software, and it's been out for ages, there's still people who are doing it manually.

- So, what that means is that yes, there is going to be AI, it is going to be a bit of a threat to virtual assistance, however, there's still going to be loads of businesses who haven't actually used AI, or won't actually uptake that technology for a while, and there will be a lag. Virtual assistance jobs are definitely safe.

- Absolutely. When AI takes over for those like scheduling tasks, there will always be a place for a virtual assistant, it's just that they will do different things. They'll specialise in actually implementing AI into businesses, and implementing automation. They'll just specialise in different things, and provide value to a business in a different way, just like at Strictly Savvy now, where we love automation and we love streamlining things, and making businesses better, and getting them on technology and tools. It will just be the next level. They'll already be on the tools, and then we'll be getting AI implemented, so that they can schedule things.

- It's amazing actually, thinking about what AI will come up with, and what it will take over from us, and it has dawned on me, even things like Siri, we've had Siri around for a long time, but realistically, how many of us with our iPhone's actually take advantage of her, and what she can do to save time?

- We're still setting our alarm clock, going into clock, and going into the alarm clock, and setting it for the morning, even though we could use the technology. Android users could be saying, "Hey, Google, can you please set my alarm for 7:00 in the morning," and not have to actually go into the app, but does anyone do that? Maybe some, but not that many.

- True.

- So, there we go. That is all about the biggest threat to the virtual assistant industry, or is it?

- Right, see you next time.

End of transcription.


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