How To Best Prepare For A Virtual Assistant

If you've made the decision to get a virtual assistant on board, here are our top tips on how best to prepare yourself for handing over to them.

Welcome to Savvy Sessions #23.

In this session, we're going to be telling you 'How To Best Prepare For a VA'. Now the number one thing you need to do is get in the right mindset. So you need to be confident and comfortable that you're ready to hand over and let go. 

You've got to get into that place where you're realising that you need to be an open book, to let go of things that you have always controlled, and realise that even though the virtual assistant might not do it perfectly, they're going to learn over time and get better and better, and learn how you do things, like your "voice", i.e. what you say in social media posts or how you write emails, getting a feel for that. And if you let go and open up everything right from the start, the virtual assistant can hit the ground running a lot faster because they have access to your email accounts, your calendar, so when something comes up and you say "Can you please do this for me", they already have the access. So let go of the control, open things up, let them have the access so that they can then hit the ground running. Really, really important. This is number one as it's the most important. 

The next one is committing to the handover and the training, the getting started time. So often people will hire a virtual assistant when they're so busy that they haven't made any time or allowance to put it into the handover. Like getting them set up with things. And often they're trying to do it really bitsy, and just a little bit at a time and it's far, far better and you'll reap the rewards faster if you're actually blocking out time and giving someone a couple of hours in that first handover meeting where you can really talk about everything and open everything up and give them all the access and talk about the tasks that you want them to take over.  Really committing time to it, even though you're super busy, and it's the last thing that you want to do, you'll get that return on investment later.

Also being clear on your focus or where do you want to go. For example, a business coach, that's often focusing on their revenue generating activities. Be clear with what your goals are for that. You may not know all the tasks you want to offload to a virtual assistant, but as long as you have some understanding, we’ll guide you but at least have some primary tasks to start handing over. So then you can actually focus on what is important to you to grow the business, and then we can take care of the rest.

If you're not sure about what a virtual assistant could take, or you need some ideas, then we'll pop a link below that will be ‘101 Things to Delegate’ ... to delegate to a virtual assistant so that can give you some ideas about just what they could do. 

The last one is getting your head around the tech stuff that you're going to need to do. So getting WhatsApp on your phone, getting Zoom set up, getting your files and your business into the Cloud, and then the really key one, all too often we have clients who come on board that are using a free option, or a very cheap option, for their email and calendar. For a virtual assistant to have an email address, monitor your inbox, or book things into your calendar all of that is so so much easier if you get G Suite or Office 365. Just start by becoming super professional, and that first step is to get your email account on one of those platforms. You won't have any syncing or sharing calendar access issues if you do that. That is absolutely key. We know that it's cheaper and free and easy to set up those cheap options but it is far far better to have the paid options. If you have those as a starting point, making sure that all your files are in the Cloud, then you can get off to a really good start with your virtual assistant, and it's going to be much easier for them to get access into things. And if that stuff was a bit scary for you, then at Strictly Savvy we take care of guiding you through all of those things and getting them set up for you.

Thanks very much for watching.  That was Savvy Sessions #23.

And we'll see you next time!

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