Frequently Asked Questions.

What hours will my VA be available?

Our office hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. We are closed on all NZ public holidays.

How do you keep my information confidential and secure?

Security and confidentiality are paramount for us. Using the latest software and tools, we have centralised all of our security and control over our team and your information.

Passwords: We use the premium version of LastPass to store passwords and codes meaning that we can control access to your logins without our VAs actually seeing what the passwords are. We have complete control and can revoke access at any time.

Remote Control: We have software that allows us to see the location of all our laptops and mobile devices on a map and gives us the ability to wipe the laptop or mobile device with the touch of a button.

File Access: Using Microsoft's SharePoint we use Groups to restrict access to files to only the VAs authorised and again this is centrally controlled and can be revoked at any time.

Employee Vetting: We complete criminal conviction checks on all of our team and they all hold clean records.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: We can sign a non-disclosure agreement at your request.

Laptop Access: All of our laptops have security passwords to access.

What systems does my VA use?

All of our VAs are proficient in Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365. We use a vast range of apps and tools across our client base so it is likely that we know the systems that you are on. If not, all of our VAs are tech savvy and can easily learn a required tool.
See the full list of tools and apps that we love and use here.

Can my VA answer my phone?

Absolutely. We can set up a dedicated phone line that you can divert your mobile or business landline to. We can answer in your business name and provide your clients with a friendly voice.

Can my VA make calls for me?

Absolutely. Outbound calls are no problem and we do this from our VOIP phone system or mobile phones.

Can my VA buy things on my behalf?

Yes. We can take down your credit card details over the phone and make purchases for you. Security of information is paramount to us and we use tools such as LastPass to ensure this. We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement with you if required.

What if I need a task completed that my VA can't do?

Your VA has the backing of our entire team, all with various specialty skills. Your VA will project manage the task and have it completed by the best person on the team.

What happens if my VA is sick or on leave?

Because our virtual assistants work from our office, we train a backup virtual assistant who will be ready and able to undertake your tasks should your dedicated VA be absent. If your VA is away, we will arrange the backup assistant for you so that you have uninterrupted service.

When do I pay for my hours?

Monthly plans are invoiced in advance on the 1st of each month and are due for payment on the 7th of the month. Casual hours are purchased as prepaid packs and work begins once payment has been received.

What happens to my unused hours?

Casual hours are purchased in prepaid packs and these are valid for 6 months from purchase. Monthly plans are subscription based and allow you to have a dedicated virtual assistant available to you within our office hours along with a preferential rate. Hours do not roll over to the next month. In our initial handover session with you we agree important projects that can be undertaken when monthly hours are available to be used. This is how we endeavor to use all monthly hours.

What happens if I need more time than my plan allows?

Additional hours can be purchased at your monthly plan rate. These are billed at the end of the month. Your VA will arrange approval of additional hours prior to using them.

What if it isn't working out for me?

We understand that there are various reasons why it sometimes doesn't work out with your VA. With just one email and no fuss, we can have you switched to another VA. Our aim is to provide you with the very best service and be assisting you in achieving your goals. If that means working on a better fit, we'll make it happen.

If you would like to terminate the service altogether, we'd be sorry to see you go. We require at least one month's notice so you'll receive one more invoice after we've received your notification.

Have another question?

Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have. Call our team on 04 934 5668 or email us at

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