Leverage the power of delegating to a savvy virtual assistant

Business owners were struggling to get everything done, and we knew we could help. They were overwhelmed and not coping with the day-to-day running of their businesses. The dilemma was that they knew they needed help, but didn't want the risk and hassle of employing someone.

Since 2012 we've been growing a team of high-calibre virtual assistants with a multitude of skills, talents and knowledge. We have also developed streamlined processes and systems all of which directly benefit our clients, set us apart from the average business and places us as the leading virtual assistant company in New Zealand.

By building a team with such an extensive array of skills,
we're able to assist you with almost any task.

Whether you call us an outsourced office admin team, business support team or a virtual secretarial service - we can assist with anything that will free up your time to spend it where it's needed most.

Virtual assistants are no longer a secret - the concept features in many productivity blogs and is called by some a productivity secret weapon.

Outsource your to-do list to our team of savvy virtual assistants - we're that little bit of magic you've been looking for! Get in touch...

Did you know we're an award winning team?

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Our team.

Access a powerhouse crew of smart, get-it-done, no drama kind of people. Many apply, but only the savviest make it through.

Jaymie Morgan


It's likely when you get a call from Strictly Savvy, you will hear the voice of our lovely Jaymie at the other end. Whether you're curious about becoming a client of ours, or are an existing client, you'll probably get to chat with Jaymie quite a bit. As Client Success Manager, Jaymie works her magic throughout your VA journey, making sure all is going smoothly, from the sales process, to the onboarding, as well as regular ongoing check ins.

All about taking collaborative action, Jaymie's described by our clients as grounded, patient, professional and adaptable. Multi-faceted, she has a background in the farming and construction industries. Oh, and she also happens to be an expert maker of kombucha and anything sourdough (so yum!). 

As a high-level bookkeeper and life-admin to clients previously herself, Jaymie knows the ins and outs of the Savvy process, and is looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Anesha Ralston


The multi-talented Anesha is a powerhouse of creativity and organisation. Anesha is one creative individual, always working hard to make her clients’ dreams come true! Most often helping clients with their logo and branding, and in their marketing and collateral, she designs and streamlines, goes above and beyond, and makes real and caring connections.  

She’s a motivated and outgoing creative who loves supporting businesses with their dreams. Anesha believes in a collaborative approach, working alongside her clients to ensure she meets and exceeds their expectations. With an eye for detail and an ability to think creatively as well as analytically, Anesha’s comfortable working with all kinds of websites and supporting clients with their digital marketing. 

Her positive calm nature comes in handy off the job too, raising two beautiful young girls with her husband!  

/ Graphic Design
/ Logo and Branding
/ Website Design
/ Digital Marketing
/ Online and App Guru

Talk to Anesha about any projects you have on your mind!
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Jo Muggeridge, Founder, Strictly Savvy

Jo Jensen


Jo is one cool, calm and collected leader. She does love the thrill of helping business owners achieve their full potential. However, her level-headedness balances well with her constant drive to conquer the next challenge. 

In recognition of all of the above, Jo was awarded Young Business Person of the Year for 2015 at the Wellington Region Business Excellence Awards for her outstanding leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity and vision for the future. 

Before founding Strictly Savvy, Jo worked as an executive assistant in the private sector. She built on what she learned, and blended those valuable skills with her passion to innovate. Jo now leads a high performing virtual assistant team that delivers valuable and efficient service to clients, helping them reach their goals and dreams.

Lance Jensen, Director and CFO, Strictly Savvy

Lance Jensen


Lance is the co-driver at Strictly Savvy. He loves business, and working with smart, positive and courageous people - so he fits right in.

As an even-keeled quiet leader in everything he does, Lance brings comprehensive business coaching and business management skills to the Savvy table and acts as both Director and Chief Financial Officer. 

He’s helped this fast-growing business stay on track and achieve its goals, while helping grow sales and develop staff. Lance shares life lessons learned after building businesses, succeeding in property and share investing and constant upskilling.

Teesha Masson, Designer and Photographer, Strictly Savvy

Teesha Masson


General Manager at Strictly Savvy, our all-star player Teesha is multi-faceted: organised, collaborative, persuasive and empathetic.
As GM, her focus is primarily on our Savvy team, developing our culture, supporting and upskilling team members, and cultivating our Savvy values. Her ultimate aim? To make sure our amazing clients get top quality services. 
Don’t worry, for those who know and value her design skills, she still gets to express her dynamic personality and creativity through our internal marketing and collateral (and she’ll still be on the occasional client photoshoot!). 
We feel very lucky to have someone who blends a love of technology with artistic skills and who can be counted on to stay steady under pressure, as well as communicate quite happily with all personality types!

Rochelle Candy, Office Manager, Strictly Savvy

Rochelle Candy


Rochelle can be quiet, but it only means she’s deep in thought. Known for her precision and diligence, she’s always looking for ways to support her clients and colleagues, and focused on delivering the right outcomes and best service.

Right now she runs a tight ship as not only the Administrator for Strictly Savvy, but also as a virtual assistant. Handling everything from payroll to arranging contractors, Rochelle’s passion is creating clear processes and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

We’ve said that she’s super-focused, but when her job’s done, that’s when we all get to enjoy her personality and sense of humour!

/ Accounts
/ Systems set up 
/ Sales and customer service
/ Process documentation

Anna Williams, Senior Virtual Assistant, Strictly Savvy

Anna Williams


Anna is a highly skilled Senior Virtual Assistant, recognisable phone personality, and app-stack specialist at Strictly Savvy.

Up-front but understated, she’s our go-to for trades-related and app advisory clients. All about keeping their teams working efficiently and their customers up to speed, Anna’s in charge of office and job management, accounts and software testing. She reassures all involved, keeps things calm and running efficiently - and makes it fun at every opportunity.

Anna’s worked as an EA to a wide variety of consultants in New Zealand and abroad, blending an attention to detail with a quietly competitive streak. She admits she loves to take on challenges, like picking up work efficiency apps quickly.

Comfortable with fast-paced change, Anna’s known outside of work for her spontaneity - like picking up the kids for last minute weekend mystery trips!

/ App-stack advisory & implementation
/ Xero & Xero Payroll Certified
/ Fergus expert
/ Job management and scheduling
/ Regional Business Partners Network system manager
/ G Suite & Office 365 set up specialist

Laura Rowlands-Quinn, Virtual Assistant, Strictly Savvy

Leanne Rookes


Priding herself on her consistency and reliability, Leanne comes to the Savvy Squad with 12 plus years as a legal secretary and PA under her multi-talented belt. 

Highly organised and committed to quality, ‘precision’ could very well be Leanne’s middle name, as she thrives when asked to complete tasks that require her utmost focus and accuracy.

Originally hailing from Taranaki, Leanne now considers herself a Hutt local, having spent the last ten years here. Living with her partner, as well as a dog named Dougal, and her cat Geordie, when not busy with Savvy clients, Leanne enjoys taking road trips in their Chev van to see American car shows (no, not for the cars, just for the clothes and shoes!)

/ Transcriptions
/ Personal assistance
/ Legal secretarial duties
/ Calendar scheduling

Kylie May, Xero Bookkeeper, Strictly Savvy

Kylie May


Kylie is a dynamo when it comes to crunching numbers. But she doesn’t stop there. She digs deeper to find the insights behind the data, the critical info about cash flow that business owners need.  

With a professional accounting background, and six years experience as a successful small business owner herself, Kylie has first hand project management experience and compliance knowledge. She understands challenges her clients face, and adds immediate value with her high level bookkeeping skills and Xero and Excel expertise.
But it’s not just her blend of professional and practical experience that makes Kylie more unique than you’d expect. Underneath her quiet exterior is someone with a knowledge of all things Motorsport...which may explain why she’s so driven!

/ Xero Certified
/ High-level Bookkeeping
/ Charts and Financial Dashboards
/ Xero and ReceiptBank Setups
/ GST Returns
/ Payment System Setup
/ Workflow Max Certified Advisor

Karen Edmonds, Bookkeeper, Strictly Savvy

Karen Edmonds


As well as setting keyboards on fire with her insanely fast typing speed, Karen is a Xero and Xero Payroll certified numbers queen who loves reconciling and reporting almost as much as she loves rugby. 

She combines her skills and trustworthiness as a treasurer on a committee, and through using tools like Airtable she manages sports teams and helps ensure fees are paid and uniforms are accounted for. 

Around the Savvy office, Karen is known for her kind and caring nature and is a solid client favourite for her ability to transcribe at the speed of light and whip accounts, bookkeeping, and payroll admin into shape.

/ Xero Certified
/ Xero + Xero Payroll
/ Accounts and Bookkeeping
/ Transcriptions
/ Database Management

Gabby Bradley


As a multi-talented service delivery and accounts manager, Gabby brings a wealth of knowledge to our clients. She thrives with heavy workloads where she has to juggle lots of balls at once wearing many hats.

Having worked in many trades-based businesses, Gabby has a real knack for coordinating teams and people to get the job done. Nothing ever phases her and she's a very task focussed person.

She loves streamlining processes and finding better and more efficient ways of doing things. You'll always know that she has the tasks under control with her super diligent nature.

Gabby's a straight-talking operations powerhouse.

/ Trades
/ Xero and Payroll
/ Processes and Systems

Lorien Kerr


With years of customer service and experience working in a dentist practice, Lorien brings her talent for supporting people and keeping calm under pressure to the Strictly Savvy team. She's a list-maker extraordinaire and loves processes and systems - if there's a process that can be implemented, she's all for it.

Having worked with many tools and apps, she's a master at picking up new systems. Lorien gets a kick out of keeping our clients organised and on track with their daily goals.
She's a fantastic EA with a willingness to learn, improve and support. You can rest assured that Lorien will always have your back and put her hand up to help in any way she can.
Lorien's a pleasure to work with and our clients enjoy feeling supported and under control.

/ Executive assistance
/ Systems and processes
/ Customer service
/ Phone answering

Brenna McGuinness


Passionate about graphic design and photography, Brenna captures emotions in her work, making moments and messages memorable. She loves to create a buzz. 

She comes to Strictly Savvy with a degree in Innovation Design (and an Industrial Design major) and has worked as both a wedding photographer and designer. Brenna’s spent a lot of time with start-ups, helping clients find their feet, figure out who they want to talk to and how, helping clarify and then express a brand identity. Positive, upbeat, “plucky as hell”, Brenna really streamlines the creative process with her close attention to detail, clear organisation and constant communication. 

In her spare time, Brenna ditches the digital camera and grabs her dad’s old film camera. Going “back in time” helps her appreciate subtle differences in creativity. 

/ Photography
/ Brand Identity 
/ Graphic Design
/ Content Creation

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