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Have a listen or read what our clients say about having a dedicated Strictly Savvy virtual assistant.

Aaron Flannigan

Owner, Roll Electrical

I’d like to make take this opportunity to thank Strictly Savvy, and particularly Anna, for her amazing work and attention to detail that has really helped me out so much.  

She is an absolute asset to your company and I really believe I wouldn’t have got this far without her help. 

I'd also like to stress that I have found Strictly Savvy an amazing experience, and it was a great way to start out as I could concentrate on my side of things and generate a reasonable client base.

Ashley Berrysmith

Director, Good3

Before engaging the services of any VA, I procrastinated for a few years as I didn’t realise the value they could bring. This year however I watched and enjoyed Joy and Jo’s video blogs. I actually went back and watched them all. Seeing real people talk so passionately about their business was the reason why I finally made contact and have not look backed.

We have only been using Strictly Savvy for a few months now on a casual basis but it has already been a great experience. My appointed VA is Sandra and she has managed to take some project work off me that has been sitting on my plate for many months. Sandra has lifted a real weight off my shoulders and I feel that for once I am getting on top of things.

I always communicate best via emails and Sandra adapted well to my style and our catch ups have been very efficient. I do however need the personal contact every so often and Sandra is always available at the end of the phone.

I highly recommend the Strictly Savvy team to seamlessly manage those items on your to do list that never seem to get done!

Darrell Smith

Employing Strictly Savvy to work with my business has been a breeze. The Strictly Savvy team swiftly rectified and ironed out past mistakes in our accounts, making our books 100% tidy and up to date, which took a lot of pressure off myself and allowed me to focus on doing what I love – designing and building outdoor spaces.

They stay on top of the bookkeeping side of my business effortlessly, and efficiently. Their correspondence is great and any questions or concerns I may have are answered immediately by their busy team. I would highly recommend them to any business due to the brilliant work they have done for us.

Thank you Strictly Savvy team!

Jo McCloy

Owner, JFM Creatives

Before I engaged Strictly Savvy, I was a touch overwhelmed having transitioned my creative studio from an employee and contractor model to a fully virtual studio, engaging top New Zealand talent and support services. I was very apprehensive about the process being cumbersome but the team of virtual assistants are highly skilled, client centric and hit the ground running.

Together we work collectively and collaboratively alongside my ideal clients, who are innovative purpose drive business owners and leaders who are up for big things, and who ultimately love to make a difference to people’s lives. 

What impresses me the most about Strictly Savvy are their values. They are not just something created at a brain storming session and stuffed in the draw - they’re part of their everyday DNA. So why do I love Strictly Savvy?

Well, they are honest and transparent; passionate about your business and your success; great communicators (Teesha just gets me!); very tech savvy and freely share their skills and knowledge; easy to work with, tasks can come from all directions and nothing’s ever a bother. Balls are never dropped; they represent my brand both externally and internally as professionally as I could hope for; seeing values that are pivotal to my business being mirrored back to me from day one, allowed me to appreciate, I had made the right choice.

The systems and process I have continued to refine working alongside Strictly Savvy, allow us to quickly scale up and on-board additional resource quickly and effectively - all aligned to our way of working. We’ve increased profitability due to their flexible monthly resourcing model and project turnaround time frames and client communication too.

I’m looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Jo, Joy, Teesha and the squad at Strictly Savvy.

Dan Pedersen

Owner / Head Chef, Spoonful Catering

I run a catering business and have tried to do all the admin as well as the cooking, but as we have progressively gotten busier, it's been harder to do it all myself.

Strictly Savvy has been able to fit into my time frame and take some of the pressure off my shoulders. The creative team was able to work with me to update and change important details on my website, which has been so successful that we've extended that work to build new pages on our website.

They were able to build and go live on a new Venue page in a very short time frame, the quality of the page and attention to detail is just what we needed. They also made sure the mobile version was seamless.

We were able to view the work before it went live, and my wife and I were very excited with the 'new look' Spoonful website. We are hoping that this page will drive sales for the new venue we have available.

Julie Hood

Owner, Julie Hood

I have a small business (Julie Hood) helping motivated people own their time in a way that has them freed up to make their difference at work. I also have a day job that I love. The only way I can do both justice is with help.

Strictly Savvy, and their team of experts (my expert is Teesha Masson) take the things I worry about getting done because I don't know how to do them (or worse still try to do, badly) and sort them - in the blink of an eye, to the standard I set and for a price is fit-for-the-task.

Their service has become integral to my service.

I cannot recommend them highly enough and would be happy to provide a verbal reference at any time.

Melissa Zgomba

A big thank you to Strictly Savvy for creating a website that we can be really proud of. We are thrilled with how they brought our website brief to life and ensured the design reflected our marketing style.

Teesha was easy to work with and made the process of transitioning to our new site a breeze. The video she created for us is perfect and exactly what we wanted. We really appreciated her patience as we made little tweaks and her openness to our ideas. We’ve had a great experience working with Strictly Savvy and are very happy with the final result.

Strictly Savvy introduced us to the Rocketspark platform to host our website and we’re so glad they did. It is the most intuitive content management system we’ve used. The ease to update the content and photos will enable us to keep our content fresh and relevant to our audience. The system is clearly designed with optimum SEO in mind. 

Russell Macey

Managing Director, Autotech Doors

When I reached out to Strictly Savvy to help inject some design and professionalism into our tender submission, I was met with a can-do attitude and it put me completely at ease in a high stakes situation. The Strictly Savvy team are responsive and deliver high quality work. 

Their communication meant I knew exactly what to expect every step of the way and I would highly recommend them for any type of design or admin work. I couldn't be happier, and we also won the tender too!

Mark Rickard

When it came time to establish our local social media presence, we approached the team at Strictly Savvy.  

Teesha’s expertise and knowledge in this area have proven invaluable in establishing our social media strategy, target audience, tone and content for Facebook.  

This isn’t my skill set and I’m comfortable knowing it’s in safe hands and seeing the results that come from this important channel.  

The team at Strictly Savvy are professional, easy to deal with and know what they are talking about.  

Thanks team!

Toss Grumley

I've worked with Strictly Savvy now for over two years. 

The service enables me to focus on doing what I love, which is servicing clients, while leaving all of the admin, enquiries, emails and accounts to them. 

Anna has become an integral part of my business and is known well by all of my clients, she even comes to the Christmas party!

I'd highly recommend the Savvy team to anyone look for an efficient way to have administrative needs taken care of.

Janine Scott


On a balmy Autumn Sunday about a year ago, I was hunched over my laptop trying to become an expert at MailChimp. Propelled by a hopeful desire to kickstart a monthly newsletter service to my Integro subscribers, I duly opened an account and started upskilling hard could it be really? Many frustrating hours later, a personal growth moment descended upon me when I realised, not for the first time, that I'm rubbish at stuff like this. 

The thought flashed through my mind that if I wanted to achieve my goals for the year, I needed help and fast. A quick Google search led me to Strictly Savvy in Upper Hutt, and within a few days the expert virtual assistants set up and sent off my first beautifully laid out newsletter! Signing up with them was my best business decision last year. As a business owner, it can be hard to let go of things, as many of you know. However, to make big leaps forward, you need other people, their expertise, ideas and passion. So thanks to the amazing team - Jo, Joy, Anesha and Gabii for teaching me to let go.....a little bit.

Pallas Cotter testimonial

Pallas Hupe Cotter

Before I worked with Strictly Savvy, I felt overwhelmed. There were never enough hours in the day to get everything done! 

Turning over admin, social media and even video editing tasks to Strictly Savvy saved me countless hours and the quality was excellent.

I don't know of any other business that offers Strictly Savvy's unique combination of efficient and experienced administrative support plus graphic design and video capabilities that forward-thinking businesses need today.

The team is friendly, fun, efficient, creative, always up-to-date with the latest trends, timely, and clear in their communication.

Andrew McTaggart testimonial

Andrew McTaggart

We were rebuilding our website and seeing our existing logo in the new site, well it was not too flash. We engaged Strictly Savvy to help us bring a fresh new look to our brand.

They nailed it first crack, an amazing result and we are looking forward to launching our new logo in our new website.

Thanks, Strictly Savvy. We look forward to the next project with you.

Ruby McGill testimonial

Ruby McGill

Owner, Hydro Plumbing Maintenance

After almost a year of trying to set up Xero in our 'spare time', we called in Strictly Savvy late one evening. I had a response the very next morning and within days we were working together to get this sorted, finally!

The team have a wealth of knowledge which has made it easy to hand things over. It's awesome working with Joy and Kylie and I'm looking forward to exploring other ways the team can support our business to help us free up more time.

Selena Dainty testimonial

Selena Dainty

Logistics Manager, Boneface

Teesha from Strictly Savvy blew our minds, when she designed our website. We didn't have time to think about what we wanted and left everything in the hands of Teesha and the Savvy Team. We honestly could not be happier and would recommend Strictly Savvy for any project.

Strictly Savvy have also designed our menu layout and festival banners, with more projects heading their way.

Kathleen O’Kane

Maven Property Management

When I first approached Strictly Savvy, I was overwhelmed with admin work and was not handling it all by myself! After using Strictly Savvy I feel as if I had an extension of myself that takes care of all the time consuming, back end tasks that were preventing my business from growing! 

Using Strictly Savvy enabled me to focus on my clients and grow my business. It's given me more time both in my professional environment and in my personal life. I can rely on them for all the tasks that I wasn't able to keep up with!

I can email my assistant with any task and know that it will get done! The whole team cover a lot of different skills and professional capabilities which is utilised every day!

Strictly Savvy is a great concept! The team are fantastic and work cohesively together and with their clients. The skill set and professionalism that I've witnessed makes it an efficient machine of wonderful people!

Anna Gilhooly testimonial

Anna Gilhooly

Co-Founder, Plyhome

This powerhouse crew of smart, get-it-done, no drama kind of people have completely changed our trajectory.

The Strictly Savvy team do it faster than I could and because they're doing it all the time for lots of different businesses, we get the benefit of all their experience and tips. It also means that we can access a massive range of skills and career backgrounds without having to bring on individual employees or contractors. They know about tech tools I've never heard of. They can provide feedback from a different perspective. The decisions are ours to own at the end of the day, but having this breadth of experience and feedback on tap is such a solid gold benefit when in start-up phase and one that I'm very grateful for.

Having a VA means achieving that elusive 'family-life balance' is more realistic and life is certainly easier. I can honestly say now that we couldn't do 

Plyhome without them. They do our book-keeping, our graphic design support our general admin, have supported all our pre-launch tasks, and our photography too. Ridiculously handy.

Read Anna's blog post on using a virtual assistant.

Rosemary Killip testimonial

Rosemary Killip

Strictly Savvy has been a life saver.  The team have really listened to what I needed to support my busy executive lifestyle and created a customised solution within their packages that works for me.

They can turn their hands to all sorts of helpful apps and importantly to the ones that I use.

I feel more on top of my emails and follow up calls and I am making great headway on projects which have been on my to do list for ages.

The key benefit to me is having one point of contact who can then access the specific expertise that I need from designing, web, Xero, appointment setting and the list goes on.

Jamie Gillies testimonial

Jamie Gillies

Branch Manager, Upper Hutt Professionals

Strictly Savvy have done a large portion of our admin work for the Upper Hutt Professionals re-brand. We sent them all of our internal documents via Dropbox, they rebranded and updated them, and then sent them back.

They are obviously virtual and it has been brilliant for us. It has been a far more affordable option than bringing on a part timer. They are efficient, professional and a friendly team. They also have an in-house graphic designer which means they do the graphics work as well.

We highly recommend Strictly Savvy!

Ross Flowerday testimonial

Ross Flowerday

Owner, RD Builders

I have recruited the help of Strictly Savvy to assist with the day to day running of my business. They have helped me with a number of aspects in my business, Xero set-up, GST, accounts, and marketing.

They offer a range of services and I urge you to give them a go if you need some quality time back from the hectic life a builder now has. I find the ladies that I have dealt with to be professional, and very helpful, not to mention approachable and pleasant to deal with.

Brenda Ratcliff testimonial

Brenda Ratcliff

Strictly Savvy have been awesome at helping me do my first newsletter. I had wanted to do one for ages, but found I hadn't got around to it. Strictly Savvy made it easy for me by sorting out the address list, and encouraging me all along the way to a quality product. What I particularly appreciated was the way they 'got me' and designed a newsletter that is consistent with the look and feel of my business. I just wrote the copy which in the end turned out to be easy. I have had many unsolicited positive emails as a result of this newsletter. 

Thanks Strictly Savvy!

Phil Veal testimonial

Phil Veal

Chief Executive, Rangatira Investments

Through working to really understand our business, my VA is able to integrate into our workflow really well. This helps us concentrate our time and energy on finding the next great New Zealand business to invest in.

While there are usually large numbers of meetings to coordinate for us (30 minutes is a long meeting, and 15 minutes ideal), my VA can easily adapt and keep pace. With her proactive approach, we can rest assured that when we're travelling on short notice, we have an efficient (and packed) schedule.

Another great thing about the Strictly Savvy team is that they can cover a surprisingly wide range of tasks and their client-orientated approach means they don't limit the scope of their services. We have had very high-quality PowerPoint designs produced in a very short time.

Youssef Mourra testimonial

Youssef Mourra

I initially made the mistake as a sole operator to think that I could do all my administrative work and build my business and be a family man and pursue my hobbies and interests and of course I got that wrong. So, my virtual assistant from Strictly Savvy, now takes care of all my non-consulting work and she frees me up to focus on what I do best and what brings my income in.

She takes care of my appointments, answers most of my emails and has got to know when and how I work. This has been a big change as I've always had an assistant that I sit with and interact with and so this has been a huge breakthrough for me where I'm able to be as mobile as I like and know that things are being taken care of no matter what I'm doing.

I look forward to catching up with my virtual assistant each day and knowing that I get more organised as each day passes. I will now begin the process of handing over my invoicing, receipt management and GST returns to her.

mark shelly testimonial

Mark Skelly

We've been working with Strictly Savvy from their inception and we're absolutely rapt with the level of service and the services provided by them. We couldn't really justify employing a full-time staff member in a support role so it's been perfect having the team on call for when we need them.

We get full-time cover and only need to pay for what we use. The girls are also very professional and highly capable… they've introduced us to technology, applications and processes that have streamlined and virtualised our operation even further.

We happily (and regularly) recommend their services to anyone looking for additional administrative support.

Audrey Shearer testimonial

Audrey Shearer

Managing Director, Spiral

I want to commend Anna who has become a shining star in our business, helping clients alongside supporting me and the team every day. Today I got back from lunch to find she had quickly resolved a new support ticket for a precious client (who is under a lot of stress this week). This is just one example of the good work she is doing.

Anna is smart enough to figure out how to use (and test) our software for herself and smart enough to know when to ask for more information. She is dependable, intelligent, good natured and seems to have bags of initiative. Well done you for employing her and lucky us to be working with her.


Kathryn Berkett testimonial

Jen Tyson

Consultant, Thrive Business Solutions

As a workshop facilitator I find the most time consuming thing is often creating the work book for attendees. I asked Strictly Savvy to take my pile of odd bits of paper that didn't match, even in font and put them together into a smart, branded and printable workbook!

The result was fast and efficient, professional and straight forward, well worth the very reasonable charge paid. I will definitely use them again and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Julene Hope testimonial

Julene Hope

Getting my thoughts from draft to a professional product that benefits my clients is definitely a team effort. Their design team helped make it easy, I sent them my draft and some ideas about how I wanted it to look and in no time at all I had a beautiful professional design. Importantly it's a layout I can easily edit and adjust!

I love working with Strictly Savvy.

Warwick Walker testimonial

Warwick Walker

Director, Foxplan

When considering outsourcing to Strictly Savvy, I wondered if the service would be flexible enough for the ad hoc use I wanted. 

Since using the service it has been wonderful and everything I had hoped for. It provides me with additional staff resource on an ‘on demand’ basis, without the need to hire additional in-house staff.

They are very easy to deal with, cost effective and responsive. I also think it’s great that they are a local company providing local employment.

Juliet Cleland testimonial

Juliet Cleland

Director, Jets Transport

I use Strictly Savvy to run the payroll, accounts and bookkeeping side of my business, and now, I can't imagine being without them. Not only have they managed my accounts and staff payments, but they have helped with any other last minute issues, and have come up with solutions to keep things running smoothly.

I've been able to put more time into what I do best with the knowledge that Strictly Savvy keeps things running efficiently, professionally and always on time.

Kathryn Berkett testimonial

Kathryn Berkett

I just want to say how happy I am with the logo that Strictly Savvy created for me. Their designer sat down with me and she helped me understand something I didn't even realise I wanted – an intertwined logo for the two separate strands of my business.

This amazing design encompassed each individual strand when divided, but when put together became the logo for my business as a whole. Utterly incredible! It's exactly what I wanted and more!

They nailed it 100% and I cant express how pleased I am – thanks so much Strictly Savvy!

Mark Greer testimonial

Mark Greer

Director, BizDom

Having an outsourced executive assistant has been a great decision for me. It was easy to get started and they didn't try and make me conform to their way of doing things. I appreciate having a dedicated VA who is available full time to answer my requests and action a broad number of tasks as required.

It is helpful having another set of hands to divert my phone calls to, monitor my emails, and book appointments, which frees me up to work on my business and meet with my clients.

The team at Strictly Savvy are exceptional at what they do and the outsourced model suits me perfectly.

Gray Hughson testimonial

Gray Hughson

Franchisee, Fifo Capital

I had a backlog of admin tasks that needed completing and were getting me down when I needed to spend time establishing a new business.

The team at Strictly Savvy stepped in and reorganised my office for me, setting up new systems allowing me to access my emails and related programs on all my computers and phones. They supported me through the process of updating and formatting my client list so that it's now available on my CRM system. 

My website was updated to a high, professional standard and it's exciting to have my blog template designed, set up and ready to use. Now I feel confident and organised.

Trevor Walton testimonial

Trevor Walton

Strictly Savvy helped me to create two PowerPoint presentations at short notice. They were for a major industry event with five television crews and many other media representatives present. There was no room for error. The presentations had to look professional and run without any glitches.

The Strictly Savvy PowerPoint guru was a true professional who handled everything I asked of her with ease and good humour. Not only did she understand what I was trying to achieve technically, she understood the importance of having the correct grammar, as well as having a consistent graphic style. The process was friendly and efficient, and very reassuring for me at a time of intense deadline pressure.

The outcome was brilliant. I couldn't recommend Strictly Savvy more highly.

Paul O'Sullivan testimonial

Paul O'Sullivan

Owner, Smartmove

It's been brilliant - engaging with you guys was one of my best business decisions in 2016. A huge thanks for all you have done, your work is greatly appreciated.

When I first took up the service my VA got in touch with my clients, and in a matter of weeks - reduced my debtors significantly.

Now she runs my weekly invoicing and direct debits, keeps my accounts up to date, and answers queries from clients – leaving me free to focus on building my business. Life is great!

Craig Weston testimonial

Craig Weston

We use Strictly Savvy on a casual basis for overflow work. As their name suggests, they are very savvy and have adapted to our processes in order to suit the way our company works. 

They are swift to action our requests and nothing is ever a problem for them – they're friendly and happy to help. 

I know that there are staff available to assist if the workload is too large or my VA is unavailable, so I can be assured that the tasks I need actioned can always be completed within a short turnaround.

Ian Irvine testimonial

Ian Irvine

My assistant assisted with our Challenge The Bull business presentations. They helped make the event run smoothly and are clearly familiar with aspects of making it flow, welcoming guests, ticketing and many other details.

Much appreciated, my assistant even dressed in the theme of the event.

Karyn Weller testimonial

Karyn Weller

Owner/Technician, Boutique Eyelashes

I had the happy 'problem' of being a successful business that was starting to become overwhelming to run using the systems I had in place. After going to Strictly Savvy's workshop I made the decision that the way forward for my business was to get their expert help.

They took my existing management systems and simplified them for me. I now have a central point for my contacts that syncs with all my devices, keeping me up-to-date wherever I am. Now that my Mailchimp setup has been completed I can easily send professional looking newsletters to my clients. I feel like now I am truly going forward.

Thank you so much Jo and the team. You have made a great difference to my business life!

Duncan Campbell testimonial

Duncan Campbell

Consultant, Project M

Strictly Savvy is an extremely professional and fun team to work with. They take care of everything I don't have the time or skills for, and they do it efficiently and accurately. They are a pleasure to deal with and nothing is a problem.

Their proactiveness is exactly what I was looking for and they keep me accountable and on track. Representing my business well was a high priority for me and I have no concerns with them dealing directly with my clients and sending emails on my behalf. They treat my business with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

They really are savvy, and they make stuff happen!

Tia Cooper testimonial

Tia Cooper

Sales Manager, Comprende

Since I started working with my virtual assistant, sales have climbed and I am now well ahead of last year's targets and expecting to double sales for 2016.

My work days are more manageable with all the sales admin tasks being managed by my VA. She has full access to our systems and deals directly with all potential, new and existing clients. I am now freed up to go out and meet with more owners face to face and as a result, we are signing on clients consistently.

I would recommend Strictly Savvy to anyone needing professional and efficient support for their company. Their service is exceptional!

Robyn Bond testimonial

Robyn Bond

Sales Representative, Tall Poppy Real Estate

I worked long hours, seven days a week and still found it difficult to keep on top of my ever growing tasks. The Strictly Savvy team stepped in and helped me with my clients, updating their details in my database, following up with them after open homes and then recording their responses for me.

Having the team's help has made such a difference to how I managed my workload. I finally felt like I was able to catch up and make sure that I wasn't missing out on important connections and potential sales.

Emma White testimonial

Emma White

I've been very impressed with Strictly Savvy's service and attention to detail. They are so accommodating, and nothing is ever a problem for them. I've been blown away by my new website and have found the process smooth, easy, and effective.

I've also been very impressed with their knowledge in any area I've needed help with. I would happily recommend them to anybody thinking of outsourcing parts of their business.

Peter Baird

Owner, Hire A Hubby

Strictly Savvy were recommended to me by my accountant as a cost effective solution for preparing my regular bookkeeping and GST requirements through Xero. 

Over nearly three years they have provided an excellent service and advice on Xero and have always been there to answer my concerns and assisting me with the bookkeeping requirements of my business.

Adam Kane testimonial

Adam Kane

Great to have a virtual office to actually get the things done I hadn't made the time for. I am very appreciative of the friendly, helpful and relaxed approach I received from the Strictly Savvy team.

Kerrie Falconer testimonial

Kerrie Falconer

Executive Assistant, Upper Hutt City Council

Strictly Savvy has been providing us with minute writing services to assist with my workload. The calibre of work we receive back from their team is exceptional and their understanding of the specific and technical minute writing style is infallible.

They have proven their advanced skills in the Microsoft Office suite and their attention to detail is at the highest level. The flexible service is a huge help!

Mike Luckie

Strictly Savvy is our customer service and ordering team. Reliability is one of their key strengths and there's a solution to everything. Working with them has been a great decision for us as they are professional and fastidious. The team got behind us as soon as I joined and they allowed me to take my first holiday in a long time.

Their phone answering service is invaluable to ensure that all of my customers and potential customers hear a friendly voice and are provided with the best service possible.

If I ever have any issues they are fixed straight away - they are eager to sort out answers to any problems.

Thanks Strictly Savvy!

Sorren Whitewood

As I am winding up my business I've been reflecting on this somewhat tubulant journey and how chaotic it was at times.

It also dawned on me how on earth I would have done it on my own. To think if I could have had the time or energy to do payroll, GST etc - it was just not going to happen. 

From when we first met Kylie, I knew she was going to keep me accountable. I respected that as it kept me on track. Aside from the outstanding job she did keeping my accounts up to date, I really appreciated her empathy and compassion throughout the journey.

From the bottom of my heart thank you very much for your efforts and I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending you or Strictly Savvy to anybody that required your services.


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