Tools and apps we love

Here are some of our favourite tools and apps. Many of them we use here at Strictly Savvy either internally or with our clients.

Website, Course and Intranet Builders

Website builder and ecommerce software for non-techies. Create your own website using pre-designed templates to help you get started. Modern, easy to use and the Rocketspark support team is right here in New Zealand.

Kajabi is the only Knowledge Commerce platform today with everything you need to market, sell, and deliver your knowledge online. Create your website, sell digital products, create online courses, set up an online membership. An extremely powerful tool that is the best of the best available right now.

Google Sites
A drag-and-drop site builder for creating intranets that are easy to access, beautiful and functional. Systemise your entire business on Google Sites.


Use for easy and quick voice and text communication.

Organise your team conversations in an easy and powerful messenger app.

Stable and reliable video communications made easy.

Stock Photos and Design

Beautiful free images for everyone.

Free high quality images you can modify and use anywhere.

Amazingly simple free graphic design online tool.

A collection of high quality photos offered for free for anyone.

A fantastic tool that helps you choose your branding colours.

Search Engine Optimisation

Check and improve how search engines and social media websites see and display your website.

Completely free online broken link checker.

SEOptimer provides an impressive SEO service where your website’s weaknesses are not only identified, but multi-faceted actions are taken to ensure that your ranking bumps to a better position.


Connect apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive

Save time and schedule meetings easily

This extremely handy free service lets you connect apps, tools, and internet-connected devices without knowing any code



An AI tool that can generate text and image responses based on user inputs.

Adobe Firefly
A generative AI tool by Adobe that enables users to create unique design assets like images and textures quickly.

Job Management and Time Tracking

Time tracking and invoicing tool. Manage project budgets, integrate with Xero, monitor team productivity. 
Cloud-based job management software specifically built for tradies.
Track and manage service work from the office to the field with features for quoting, job costing, scheduling, materials management and invoicing.

Project Management

A powerful spreadsheet service that lets you organise content, ideas, projects, and records into a centralised system.

A tool designed for note taking, organising, and archiving with a powerful search function.

Tool for organising and prioritising your projects and to-do lists.

Sales & Marketing

Create e-newletters and campaigns with this email marketing tool.
Email Signature Rescue
Professional email signature software and templates.

Free cloud-based screen recording app with a chrome browser extension that makes sharing video super easy.

Better Proposals
Create stunning online proposals in half the time. Close more deals with in depth analytics and digital signatures. Amazing templates to help you get started.

Easy-to-use screen recording software allows you to record, edit & share high-quality videos to your team and clients. Stay clear. Save time. Keep a human touch.

Find out what questions and queries your consumers have by getting a free report of what they're searching for in Google.

Retail point of sale software.

With Bonjoro, you can send personalised video messages quickly and easily to a recipient’s email.

Easily create newsletters that get results. Works with Gmail, Outlook and all other services.

Bookkeeping, Payroll and Payment Gateways

One of the oldest and most trusted online payment platforms in the internet.

An online credit card processor designed with the small business owners and online merchants in mind.

Bookkeeping tool that processes receipts. No more data entry of your bills and receipts. Streamline your whole receipt processing system.
Beautiful accounting software.
A cloud based total payroll solution used and trusted by thousands of New Zealand businesses including Strictly Savvy!


A super handy and very safe way to store your passwords, even on the go.
Super useful free writing app that lets you create your documents mistake-free.
A powerful yet simple online service that lets you shorten URLs, and easily save and share your favorite links from around the internet.

An amazing web service for managing a reading list of articles from the Internet.

Easily scan old printed photos to any device at any time without using a normal scanner.

Designed to minimise eye movement, this tool can help you read at a rate of up to 1,000 words per minute. 

Google Photos
Google Photos protects your library of photos and videos by not only backing up your images to the cloud but also syncing them to all your mobile devices and computers.

Transforms your emails into organised lists.

Read or listen to the key lessons from 1500+ nonfiction books in 15 mins or less.
Snipping Tool logo
Snipping Tool
Easiest way to take a snapshot of a part of your screen that comes pre-installed on all Windows desktops.

A non-destructive audio editor and recorder for podcasts, broadcasters, radio shows, and movies.

Secure file sharing and storage solution.

Easily unsubscribe in one click from email subscriptions.

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