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As a business owner you often wear many hats, which can leave you time-poor.

Have peace of mind that all your administrative, bookkeeping and creative tasks are being completed by your dedicated VA, leaving you to focus on what’s most important in your business.

"We've used Strictly Savvy as a benchmark of quality" - Kyle Webster, ClipCo

After working with ClipCo, we're confident that we're setting the standard for high-quality virtual assistant services worldwide. 

You too can experience freedom from stress, boost your productivity and smash your to-do list by delegating your day-to-day tasks. Get back to doing the things in your business that only you can do.


With a team of over 28 savvy virtual assistants, you can access the exact skills you need in your business right now. What do you need to outsource?

Virtual Assistance

Gain access to the high-level skills you need from an executive assistant, without the associated costs of having a full-time employee. They're available full time but you only pay for the productive and focused time spent on your tasks.

/ Inbox and diary management
/ Documents and admin
/ App advisory and implementation


As Xero Gold Partners and Certified Advisors, you get access to experienced and trained bookkeepers. You'll never have to worry about deadlines and penalties again because your accounts are in safe hands with us.

/ Bookkeeping in Xero
/ Payroll processing 
/ Debtor follow up

Creative Services

Utilise a team of affordable and high-quality designers to build your brand and showcase your business online with pride. It's like having your own in-house design team without the overheads and management headaches.

/ Graphic design
/ Website design and social media
/ Photography

Do what you do best, delegate the rest.

Outsourcing to Strictly Savvy is a great alternative if you don't want the risk and headache of employing your own permanent employees, or your needs are sporadic and uncertain. 

Tap into an entire team's skill-base, and only ever pay for the exact time spent on your tasks. 

You decide how little or how often to call on your savvy virtual assistant and the best thing is - we can start immediately!

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101 Tasks To Delegate To A Virtual Assistant

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