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Outsource your office admin to Strictly Savvy's team of savvy virtual assistants based in Upper Hutt, Wellington. All of our savvy virtual assistants (VAs) are highly skilled, diligent and proactive who specialise in various fields, meaning we can match you perfectly to a dedicated VA. Not only that, you get access to the entire team's skill-base who will support and back up your assigned VA.

Outsourcing to Strictly Savvy is a great alternative if you don't want the risk and headache of employing your own permanent employees, or your needs are sporadic or uncertain. It will free you up to focus on the things that really matter to you. You decide how little or how often to call on your savvy virtual assistant.

But we're not just savvy virtual assistants - we also have an in-house design team who can bring your business to life with graphic design, website design, videography and photography.

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What do you need to outsource?

/ Executive assistance
/ Bookkeeping in Xero
/ Documents and admin
/ App advisory and implementation
/ Graphic design
/ Website design
/ Digital marketing and social media
/ Photography and videography

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