Executive Assistance

An executive assistant can dramatically increase your focus, productivity and professionalism.

An executive assistant isn't a luxury reserved for the rich and famous.

Working with an executive assistant can maximise the time you spend in your business.

Our experienced team have worked supporting corporate chief executives, company directors, and international consultants. With high-level experience, they can assist you as a consultant or small business owner with your efficiency, keeping you accountable and taking away those mundane but important tasks.

What would you do with your freed up time and renewed focus?

Get more sales, launch that new product or service, or think strategically about your business?

Here are just some of the tasks you could outsource:

/ Proactive inbox and diary management
/ Managing your to-do-list and providing reminders
/ Answering your diverted mobile phone calls
/ Travel arrangements including accommodation and flight bookings
/ Project management
/ Personal errands and gift purchasing
/ Developing PowerPoint presentations
/ Gift purchasing and special date reminders
/ Collating board papers
/ Proofreading & editing documents
/ Transcribing
/ Researching
/ Mail merges & campaigns

Meet our executive assistant specialists.


Priding herself on her consistency and reliability, Leanne comes to the Savvy Squad with 12 plus years as a legal secretary and PA under her multi-talented belt. 

Highly organised and committed to quality, ‘precision’ could very well be Leanne’s middle name, as she thrives when asked to complete tasks that require her utmost focus and accuracy.

Originally hailing from Taranaki, Leanne now considers herself a Hutt local, having spent the last ten years here. Living with her partner, as well as a dog named Dougal, and her cat Geordie, when not busy with Savvy clients, Leanne enjoys taking road trips in their Chev van to see American car shows (no, not for the cars, just for the clothes and shoes!)

/ Transcriptions
/Personal Assistance
/ Legal Secretarial Duties
/ Calendar Scheduling
/ Document Formatting
/ Recruitment and HR Admin
/ Systems and Processes


With years of customer service and experience working in a dentist practice, Lorien brings her talent for supporting people and keeping calm under pressure to the Strictly Savvy team. She's a list-maker extraordinaire and loves processes and systems - if there's a process that can be implemented, she's all for it.

Having worked with many tools and apps, she's a master at picking up new systems. Lorien gets a kick out of keeping our clients organised and on track with their daily goals.

She's a fantastic EA with a willingness to learn, improve and support. You can rest assured that Lorien will always have your back and put her hand up to help in any way she can.
Lorien's a pleasure to work with and our clients enjoy feeling supported and under control.

/ Executive Assistance
/ Systems and Processes
/ Customer Service
/ Phone Answering

Briar Edwards, Virtual Assistant


We knew Briar would be a perfect addition to our Savvy Squad as soon as we heard she was known as the ‘tech-savvy’ one at her previous jobs. Quickly picking up tools, systems, processes and finding better ways of working is her specialty, and now, Briar is our resident HubSpot implementation expert.

Having been customer service focused for the last 10 years, Briar’s no stranger to building relationships, problem solving and working under pressure to meet any client’s needs. Spending 5 years in the travel industry, she’s also the perfect VA to book your flights, accommodation, and any other work-trip or vacation needs!

When she’s not at Savvy, you can catch her travelling herself - especially up the slopes snowboarding!

/ HubSpot
/ Customer Service
/ Calendar Scheduling
/ Travel Arrangements


Assisting in everything from recruitment, sales support, processes and systems, marketing, and anything admin, Casey is the perfect right-hand woman for busy businesses.

Casey comes with 17 years’ experience across various types of businesses and takes enjoyment from playing a pivotal role within a company. She gets her fuel from helping them to grow, streamline, and take the pressure off their crazy workloads.

Adaptability, accuracy, and efficiency are the keys to Casey’s success, and she will quickly become an integral part of your team.

/ Processes and Systems
/ Recruitment
/ Project Management
/ Sales 


Bringing her wealth of knowledge from previous roles, Kerry is a caring, proactive and diligent executive virtual assistant. Being in high-level roles, she is a self-managing superstar with great time, event, diary AND recruitment skills.

Kerry quite often has many balls up in the air, so you can guarantee that she likes to keep organised, which allows her to work at high volumes without compromising quality. Being across everything from travel bookings, document formatting, inbox wrangling, database management, to full diary and project management - there is almost nothing she can’t do.

With proven experience supporting the likes of Directors and CEOs in government agencies, she’s fully equipped with a skillset that ensures a high standard of delivery for both her clients, as well as their clients. Kerry is happy to sink her teeth into any project or task, and brings discretion, empathy and cultural awareness to everything she does.

/ Executive Assistance
/ Event Management
/ Recruitment
/ Document Management and Proofreading

What they said

"Before I worked with Strictly Savvy, I felt overwhelmed. There were never enough hours in the day to get everything done! Turning over admin, social media and even video editing tasks to Strictly Savvy saved me countless hours and the quality was excellent. I don't know of any other business that offers Strictly Savvy's unique combination of efficient and experienced administrative support plus graphic design and video capabilities that forward-thinking businesses need today."

Pallas Hupe Cotter
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Do what you do best,
delegate the rest.


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