Pricing & Plans

Flexible plans, no long term contracts - just options that suit you and your business.

One size doesn't fit all, so we've got lots of options for you.

Casual support: The ultimate flexibility.
The casual option is completely flexible with no commitment, perfect for consultants or start-ups if your needs are sporadic or uncertain. Use one of our assistants on an as-required basis.

Ongoing support: Monthly peace of mind.
For established businesses and busy consultants, one of the monthly service plans could be an ideal option. You're assigned a dedicated assistant that's available to you on a full time basis and we take care of back-up assistance during any absences. By choosing a weekly service plan you'll benefit from our preferential rates. Choose any number of hours from 10 per month.

One off projects: We’ve got the skills you need.
With an extensive team, you can receive one-off project estimates for when you require a specific skill set - such as graphic design, app implementation, email newsletters, documenting systems and processes, and transcribing. Please enquire to discuss your specific project requirements.

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So, what do we cost?

Grab our pricing guide to get the low down on the different ways you can get support from us, so you can free up your time and focus on the big stuff.

Client praise

"Strictly Savvy have done a large portion of our admin work for the Upper Hutt Professionals re-brand. We sent them all of our internal documents via Dropbox, they rebranded and updated them, and then sent them back. They are obviously virtual and it has been brilliant for us. It has been a far more affordable option than bringing on a part timer. They are efficient, professional and a friendly team. They also have an in-house graphic designer which means they do the graphics work as well. We highly recommend Strictly Savvy!"

Jamie Gillies
Upper Hutt Professionals

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