App Advisory & Implementation

Are you feeling like you're often doing things the hard way and many of your processes are labour intensive? Wondering if things can be automated or streamlined?

We hear you! And yes, there is a better way. 

Technology is changing rapidly and with that comes some pretty cool apps and better ways of doing things. 

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out and choose the best apps for your unique business. Nevermind setting up the apps, getting buy in from your team and training everyone involved!

That's where leveraging the power of our app-stack specialists comes in. You'll get the best recommendations from our savvy team who live and breathe apps and streamlining across all of our clients.

By utilising an app-stack that's right for your business and the way you do things, you'll achieve:

  • More productivity across your team
  • Time to work on your business, not in it
  • Less wasted time
  • Increased profits
  • Better delivery of service
  • Happy clients and team members
  • Smoother operations

You can rely on us...

No matter what industry your business is in, there is an app stack for you.

Notebook and mobile phone

There are some incredible apps and tools available (and often free) that can reduce your frustration by streamlining your processes, improving your productivity, and keeping you and your team organised. We'll recommend the best app-stack for your business plus we can set up the tools and provide you with training and support.

/  Email, calendar and document storage
/  Job management software
/  Task and project management
/  Bookkeeping and receipt management
/  Password management
/  Online process documentation

Meet our app advisory specialists.

Anna Williams, Senior Virtual Assistant, Strictly Savvy

Anna Williams


Anna is a highly skilled Senior Virtual Assistant, recognisable phone personality, and app-stack specialist at Strictly Savvy.

Up-front but understated, she’s our go-to for trades-related and app advisory clients. All about keeping their teams working efficiently and their customers up to speed, Anna’s in charge of office and job management, accounts and software testing. She reassures all involved, keeps things calm and running efficiently - and makes it fun at every opportunity.

Anna’s worked as an EA to a wide variety of consultants in New Zealand and abroad, blending an attention to detail with a quietly competitive streak. She admits she loves to take on challenges, like picking up work efficiency apps quickly.

Comfortable with fast-paced change, Anna’s known outside of work for her spontaneity - like picking up the kids for last minute weekend mystery trips!

/ App-stack advisory & implementation
/ Xero & Xero Payroll Certified
/ Fergus expert
/ Job management and scheduling
/ Regional Business Partners Network system manager
/ G Suite & Office 365 set up specialist

Anesha Ralston


The multi-talented Anesha is a powerhouse of creativity and organisation. Anesha is one organised individual, always working hard to make her clients’ dreams come true! Most often helping them promote themselves on social media and in their marketing and collateral, she designs and streamlines, goes above and beyond, and makes real and caring connections.  

She’s a motivated and outgoing creative who loves supporting businesses with their dreams. With an eye for detail and an ability to think creatively as well as analytically, Anesha’s comfortable with a wide range of software, and working with all kinds of websites.  

Her positive calm nature comes in handy off the job too, raising two beautiful young girls with her husband!  

/ Graphic Design
/ Website Design
/ MailChimp Certified
/ Digital Marketing
/ Online and App Guru



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