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The Engine have a special partnership with us here at Strictly Savvy, so we've arranged a deal for anyone that hears about us through them!

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Feel like you could use some help with what you’ve got going on by outsourcing the stuff you’re no good at?!

You could get help with publishing and repurposing your content online, managing your accounts and receipts in Xero, sorting out your life with a personal assistant or anything in between. 

If you need stuff on your to-do list sorted, fill out the form and have a chat with us.

The offer

You’ll receive up to 3 hours free towards your handover and setup with us when signing on to one of our service plans. Whether it's virtual assistance, bookkeeping, social media, graphic design or any mixture of our services, we can find something that's the right fit for you.

Fill in your details to book a call, and Jaymie or Anesha from Strictly Savvy will be in touch to see if we can help.

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