How it works.

Getting started with us is easy and we'll help you every step of the way.

Even if you don't know what tasks to delegate, give us a call and we'll talk it through with you.

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1. Understanding your business

The first step is to understand your business, your customers, what you offer them, and what systems and processes you already have in place. We'll ask you lots of questions about the types of tasks that take up your time, you dislike doing, or you don't have skills or time for. We'll develop a proposal for you and help decide which plan will suit best.
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2. The formal stuff

Once you decide to get started we'll assign you with a dedicated virtual assistant and we'll collate a 'job description' outlining the tasks they will complete for you. This will give you both a full understanding of the expectations. We will agree on the monthly plan that suits best and will provide you with our Terms of Engagement for signing.
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3. Let's get started

Now there's a bit of upfront time and energy needed to get things off to the best start. Your assigned VA will complete an in-depth handover with you and you may need to get a few things set up. We'll help you every step of the way.
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4. Keeping track

Your VA will track their time using our electronic time-tracking tool. They will communicate with you throughout the month about your tasks and hours used. Invoices are issued on the first of the month and at the end of the month you'll be sent a detailed timesheet.
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5. Success

Once the upfront handover is completed, the hard work is over and you'll start to see the productivity benefits. Communication will then be the key to continued success. What will you do with your freed up time?



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