Balancing Automation With The Human Touch

On episode 15 of the Get Savvy podcast we're talking about finding the perfect balance between human touch and automation in business. With AI tools and automation technologies growing rapidly, it's crucial to figure out how to blend them seamlessly into your business.

What's the Deal with Automation?

Automation is all about using technology to perform tasks without needing human intervention. This includes AI tools like ChatGPT, and apps or websites like Zapier that automate processes or integrate between different platforms. (Zapier is just one example, there are so many, and most platforms have these features now such as HubSpot, Slack, heck – even scheduling your emails!). Lately, AI tools have been popping up everywhere, making automation more accessible and versatile than ever.

Growing with Automation

As your business expands, automation can be a real lifesaver for managing increased workloads. Automating processes like welcoming new subscribers can save time and resources, freeing up your team for more valuable tasks. It also means you don’t get left behind with the times!

High-fives for Human Touch

Despite the many perks of automation, the human touch is still super important in some areas of business. Human interaction helps build stronger connections with customers, fosters loyalty and trust in your brand, and provides genuine understanding or empathy. Plus, humans are great at adapting to new situations and thinking creatively, which AI is still learning to do.

Finding Your Perfect Balance

Both automation and human touch have their pros and cons. As a business, it's essential to find the right balance between the two, leveraging the strengths of each while minimising the drawbacks.

By incorporating AI and automation where it makes sense, businesses can boost efficiency and reduce human error potential. At the same time, keeping a human touch in key areas can nurture strong customer relationships and provide the emotional intelligence and adaptability that AI currently lacks.

Tips for Balancing Automation & Human Touch

  • Create guidelines for when to use automation

  • Encourage collaboration between your team and AI tools. A website chatbot is a great example here, with automated responses to common questions, that get handed over to human team members where the questions can no longer be answered by AI.

Always remember that your customers' needs should be a top priority. Make decisions that are right for your business and your customers.

Finding the perfect balance between automation and human touch is crucial for businesses aiming to maximise efficiency and provide exceptional customer experiences. By staying up-to-date with the latest tools, assessing your processes, and seeking help when needed, you can successfully leverage AI and automation in your business.

Happy automating!

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