Two Painfully Easy Issues To Fix Forever

In episode 16 of the Get Savvy podcast, Teesha and Jo discuss two major pain points that drive many business owners insane: password storage and contact storage. If you're guilty of mishandling these, you need to hear this!

Password Storage

The old-fashioned way of writing down passwords or having the same password for everything, isn’t secure. Technology has evolved, and browsers now offer to save your password for websites. However, this method is still not secure enough to protect your vitally important business data.

We recommend using a password vault for added security.

Password vaults like LastPass, 1Password, and DashLane store all of your passwords securely. They offer free versions and different features to suit your needs.

A password vault eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and reduces the risk of losing access to important accounts.

Using a password vault is especially crucial for businesses with multiple team members. It allows you to manage all team members' passwords centrally and revoke access when needed. This way, you can ensure your business data is secure and increase team productivity.

Contact Storage

Losing phone contacts is an unnecessary hassle that can be easily avoided. If you’re guilty of the old “I’ve lost my phone and all of my contacts, please message me your contact details!”, you need to be backing up your contacts to the cloud.

For iPhone users, simply sign into iCloud to automatically save all your contacts to the cloud. It really is that easy. When you set up a new iPhone or apple device and log into your iCloud account, your contacts will be automatically saved to your phone.

Android users can create a free Google account and save their contacts to this account instead of to their SIM card. When you set up a new device, just log into your Google account to retrieve your contact list.

As a business owner, having a secure and reliable contact storage system is crucial. Losing client and personal contacts can be detrimental to your business and waste valuable time.

By using a password vault and cloud-based contact storage, you can save time, increase productivity, and most importantly, ensure your business data is secure. If you need help setting up these solutions, contact us for a no-obligation chat about getting your business systems and apps running seamlessly.


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