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Who is a Virtual Assistant Not a Good Fit For?

We absolutely love helping business owners harness the power of virtual assistants to free up their time, boost their productivity, and help them grow their businesses.

But, we get it - a VA isn't for everyone. Let's check out some reasons why a VA might not be the right fit for you. 

You need someone to greet clients and customers 

If you're someone who likes to have someone physically present in your office (or needs someone to greet customers face-to-face), a VA won't be the right choice for you.

VAs work from a remote location and while they're fantastic at handling your calendar, emails, and social media accounts, they won't be able to greet you, your customers or guests in person.

You can’t make time to provide them with the answers and training they’ll need

Handing over your tasks to a VA does take an initial investment of time on your part to get them up to speed. If you're run off your feet and unable to commit at least a few hours of training, it's unlikely that your relationship with a VA will be successful.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, it may be tough to keep up with managing a virtual assistant. After all, you need to have enough time to delegate tasks, give clear instructions, and keep an eye on their progress.

If you're tight on time or resources, training and onboarding a virtual assistant can be a challenge. This might slow down the process of getting them up to speed and getting work done.

You’re not ready to let go of some control in your business 

If you've been doing things yourself for as long as you can remember, it can be daunting handing over control to someone new. If you're not ready to hand over at least some of the tasks on your to-do list, a VA is not right for you.

For some business owners, the lack of direct supervision over a virtual assistant's work can be a concern. It might be tough to make sure everything is being done just right and to quickly resolve any problems that come up.

And, we totally get it - it can be harder to trust someone you haven't met in person. This might make building a strong working relationship with a virtual assistant more challenging, and could lead to doubts about their work.

You're not willing to move your business's operations online into the cloud

Virtual Assistants are virtual, which means they work from a remote location. To be able to help you with your tasks, they need to be able to access your business operations online.  

If you're not willing to move your operations to the cloud, a virtual assistant might not be the best solution for you. This is because they won't be able to access the necessary information and systems to get the job done. 

You need more support than a virtual assistant can provide

Virtual Assistants are best suited for those who need support for 15 hours or less per week. While they're great at streamlining your business operations and freeing up your time, they may not have the capacity to handle more demanding workloads.

If you require more than 15 hours of support per week, you may want to consider other solutions that can provide more consistent and dedicated support, such as hiring a full-time employee or using an agency that specialises in virtual support. This will ensure that your business stays on track and your needs are met.

It's true that virtual assistants provide many benefits to many business owners, but it's essential to consider your specific requirements before making a decision to hire one.

If in-person interactions, time constraints, control retention, cloud-based operations, or extensive support are significant factors for your business, exploring alternative solutions may be more suitable.

If you think that a VA sounds like the right option for you and your business, book a discovery call with our team today. We can discuss your unique needs, discuss how a virtual assistant can benefit your business, and explore the specific tasks and responsibilities you would like to delegate.


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