What If I Don't Get Along With My Virtual Assistant?

What happens if you hire a VA, start working with them, and then find that you don’t get along, or things aren’t working out?  

As with any new member of your team, this is always a possibility. There’s a few things you can do during the hiring process to avoid this, like:   

Ensuring that you're hiring the right personality type

This definitely doesn't mean hiring someone that's exactly the same as you. In fact, hiring someone that’s the same as you is often a mistake which leads to problems down the line. You should be hiring a VA who has the right personality for the job. 

Openly discuss expectations and communication

The first step is to openly discuss expectations and communication with your virtual assistant. Make sure that they understand exactly what it is that you need from them, so there aren't any misunderstandings about what tasks will be performed and when they'll be done. If possible, outline these expectations in writing so that there's no confusion later on down the road. 

 It's also important for both parties to understand how often they should be communicating with each other and what the best communication channel to use is. 

Allowing a VA company (agency) to match you to a VA  

The biggest benefit of using a VA agency is that it gives you access to VAs who have undergone vetting by the agency's team members.  

The agency will match you with someone who matches your skills and personality, making it more likely that you'll get along well with each other during the course of your business relationship. 

Post-hiring, these are the points to keep in mind:  

Keep those communication lines open  

Communication is key in any relationship — and it's even more important when you're working with a remote assistant!  

Make sure that your VA is clear on expectations, timelines and priorities. Ensure that you're providing enough information for your tasks to be completed correctly, and be available to answer any queries that your VA might have.  

Have reasonable expectations 

Are you expecting too much of your VA? Remember that at the start of your working relationship, it's going to take them longer to complete tasks and they're likely to ask you more questions. This is totally normal, and over time as they get used to working with you this will drop off.   
Allowing your VA a grace period to get settled into the way you like to do things is likely to remedy this situation. 

Keep in touch with your VA agency 

One of the advantages to working with an agency is that you can be re-allocated to a new VA if things aren't working out. Your current VA will have recorded detailed instructions around your processes, making the handover process quick and easy.  
Let your agency know any issues that you're facing, and how you'd like things done differently. It pays to be honest here so that they have a fair idea of how they can remedy the situation. 

Ultimately, there are still going to be scenarios where the relationship between yourself and your VA just doesn’t work out.

When you find yourself in a situation where you've tried everything but the relationship with your virtual assistant just isn't working out, it may be time to consider hiring someone new.  

Although this can be a difficult decision, it's important to prioritise the success of your business and maintain a positive working environment. Here are some steps you can take when parting ways with a VA: 

Review the contract 
Revisit the contract or agreement you have in place with your VA. Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions regarding termination or any notice periods that need to be given. Following the agreed-upon process can help maintain professionalism and avoid potential legal complications. 

Prepare for the transition 
Make sure that you have all the necessary documentation and information related to your tasks, processes, and systems. This will facilitate a smooth handover to the new VA, minimising disruptions to your workflow. 

Start the hiring process again 
Once you've made the decision to find a new VA, it's time to revisit your hiring process. Reflect on what worked well and what aspects could be improved. Consider the lessons you've learned from your previous experience to refine your selection criteria and make more informed choices when interviewing potential candidates. 

Even with careful planning and consideration, sometimes a working relationship between yourself and a virtual assistant doesn't pan out.  

When this happens, it's important to communicate openly, explore potential solutions, and, if necessary, find a new VA. By learning from the experience, you can improve your future hiring decisions and build a more productive working relationship with your virtual assistant. 

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