Embracing Your Uniqueness At Work with Jules Harrison-Annear

Are you ready to embrace your unique abilities and transform how you do business?

On episode 20 of the Get Savvy podcast we're very lucky to be joined by Jules, owner of both JHA Consulting and Humans at Work.

Jules shares insights into the world of JHA Consulting, a boutique management consulting company. She shares her unique approach of using nature-based models to support organisations in becoming more sustainable and impactful.

Jules also discusses Humans at Work, a globally focused platform that features a podcast, blogs, and online learning courses. The Humans at Work podcast celebrates diversity and moral courage, featuring guests from all walks of life who share their career journeys and the principles that drive them.

Jules and Teesha explore the significance of taking action and making conscious decisions to find purpose in life and work. Jules shares her journey of self-discovery, highlighting the importance of not letting fear or busyness hold individuals back from pursuing their aspirations.

Finally, we delve into the role of virtual assistants in Jules' businesses and the value they bring. Jules emphasises the need for meaningful and interesting work for virtual assistants, as they become valuable partners beyond typical administrative duties.

Don't miss this thought-provoking episode that covers building meaningful connections, staying true to purpose, creating space for team members to contribute, and the power of finding purpose and taking action in both personal and professional endeavors.

What you'll learn:

  • How to create more value and meaning in your work life

  • Why it's important to share the load, and share your vision with your team

  • A real-life example of how a virtual assistant can integrate with your business

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