Case Study - Consultant - Jules Harrison-Annear

Jules, Founder of JHA Consulting and Humans at Work was looking for a way to bring increased efficiency to her business operations. Struggling with managing administrative tasks and wanting to focus on her strengths, Jules hired a Strictly Savvy virtual assistant.  

Jules recognised her strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging the need for assistance in areas where she lacked expertise or found tasks mundane. By engaging a virtual assistant, Jules handed over tasks that weren't her forte, creating room to focus on areas where her passion thrived.

"Luckily for me, the things that I am terrible at are exactly the things that my virtual assistant loves and excels in."   

Jules engages in frequent dialogues about the company's strategic direction and encourages her virtual assistant's active participation in decision-making processes. This collaborative approach has led to a shared understanding of the organisation's vision and has created a sense of ownership among team members. 

"I talk a lot about what are the next things for the company and why are we making these decisions?" 

With time, the virtual assistant's role evolved, encompassing an ever-growing array of responsibilities. They not only manage general administrative tasks but also act as a bridge between Jules and other service providers, including accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, and IT professionals. The virtual assistant's role also now includes podcast-related responsibilities, quality assurance, research projects, and website tasks. 

"Being a business owner can be a really lonely place... I certainly would say that my virtual assistant is my sounding board." 

What began as a practical solution for administrative tasks has grown into an indispensable partnership. The virtual assistant is now an essential member of Jules’ team, not only lightening Jules' workload but also contributing creatively and strategically to the company's growth. 

"I think of them as a fundamental part of my organisations” 

The case of Jules and her virtual assistant illustrates how a VA can lead to growth and transformation within a business. From administrative efficiency to strategic collaboration, this partnership shows the potential of virtual assistance to reshape businesses and amplify their impact. 

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