Why Should Australian Business Owners Use a New Zealand Virtual Assistant?

Hey there, Aussie business owners!  

Have you ever considered using a New Zealand-based virtual assistant?  

Here's four key reasons why you should give it some serious thought: 

Similarities: There's not much difference between our two countries. We're like cousins, really.  

Sure, we may have some friendly love-hate banter going on, but our cultures and slang are quite similar. 

Plus, we speak the same language, so working with a New Zealand virtual assistant wouldn't feel too different from working with someone in Australia.  

Time difference: This can work to your advantage.  

If you hire a New Zealand virtual assistant, they'll be available to work after you've finished up for the day.  

That means you can start the following day with a clean inbox and everything prioritised, giving you a head start on your daily tasks. 

Cost-effective: Hiring a New Zealand virtual assistant can also be cheaper and more cost-effective, thanks to the exchange rate and the fact that GST is not included on your invoice.  

This means that overall, working with a New Zealand-based VA can save you money. 

Availability during holidays: New Zealand and Australia have different public holidays, which means that while your business may be closed for a holiday in Australia, your New Zealand virtual assistant can still be working and attending to important tasks. 

So there you have it, Aussies.  

Working with a New Zealand virtual assistant can have many benefits, including similarities in culture and language, a time difference that works to your advantage, and cost-effectiveness.  

Give it some thought and see how it could benefit your business, and when you're ready to take the leap, contact NZ's leading Virtual Assistant company, Strictly Savvy. 


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