Get Savvy Season 1 Round Up

Season 1 of the Get Savvy Podcast has come to an end. 

We're excited to take you on a journey through the highlights and key takeaways from our first season! It's been quite the ride taking our listeners through topics that help them claim back their time through delegation, streamlining, and productivity. 

In Season One, we've tackled topics that hit home for so many business owners and entrepreneurs.  

Business Management and Growth: We learned valuable lessons from Jo's journey in building a million-dollar business that now runs without her. 

Personal Productivity and Management: We dished out tips on when it's time to bring a virtual assistant on board, how to delegate your to-do list, and simple ways to nurture a fantastic work culture. 

Some episodes really struck a chord with our audience: 

"The Trap Business Owners Fall Into": We dissected those pesky pitfalls every entrepreneur should avoid. 

"How Jo Built a Million-Dollar Business That Runs Without Her": Jo shared her journey to success, giving you a roadmap to growth and effective delegation. 

"Four Signs It's Time to Hire a VA": If you're wondering when to bring in a virtual assistant, this episode has the answers. 

"How Do I Delegate My To-Do List?": We broke down the art of delegation, making it less intimidating and more doable. 

"Three Easy Things You Can Do to Foster a Great Culture": We explored the secrets to building an awesome workplace culture that keeps your team happy and productive. 

Special Guest Insights: 

We were also lucky enough to welcome some amazing guests who brought their own flavor to the podcast! 

Anesha Ralston, Strictly Savvy’s Creative Director: She joined us in "The Anatomy of a Perfect Website" episode, spilling the beans on how to create a killer online presence. 

Cathy Sheppard from BSI People Skills: In "Equality vs. Equity in the Workplace," Cathy discussed the importance of fairness and inclusivity in business. 

Jules Harrison-Annear from JHA Consulting & Humans At Work : Jules encouraged us to be our unique selves at work during "Embracing Your Uniqueness at Work." 

For a deeper dive into Season One's episodes, and other similar topics, make sure to check out our blog. We've got a treasure trove of articles, tips, and insights waiting for you! 

We had a blast in Season One, and Season Two is just around the corner! We're gearing up to bring you more of the content you loved, with even more fantastic guests and practical tips to help you take back your time and grow your business. 

Thanks for being part of our Season One journey on the Get Savvy Podcast. We hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did. If you missed any episodes, now's your chance to catch up and get excited for an even more awesome Season Two. Stay tuned, fellow business owners, and stay savvy! 

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