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What Not To Do When Working With a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants have become a popular solution for busy entrepreneurs and business owners, providing a flexible and efficient way to handle admin, bookkeeping, and creative tasks. But working effectively with a VA does take time and commitment. Here's a look at what not to do when working with your Virtual Assistant: 

Don't Provide Unclear Instructions or Leave Them Hanging 

Your Virtual Assistant needs clear, detailed instructions to work their magic. So, make sure you provide as much information and context as you can when delegating, and be there to answer any questions they have. When you keep things crystal clear, you're setting the stage for a smooth performance. 

Don't Set Unrealistic Deadlines 

Unrealistic timelines can lead to rushed work and potentially subpar results. Of course, urgent tasks are bound to come up from time to time, and that's perfectly fine. However, your Virtual Assistant will consistently deliver their best when they are given the time to complete tasks to a high standard. So, aim to strike that delicate balance between the need for urgency and the desire for quality! 

Don't Micromanage 

Avoid the temptation to micromanage your VA. After delegating tasks with clear and detailed instructions, step back and allow them the space to work their magic. Instead of hovering over their every move, trust their expertise, and only check in periodically.   

Don't Forget Time Zone Differences and Office Hours 

Your Virtual Assistant is just that – virtual! They might be working from a different time zone, so keep that in mind when you're scheduling meetings or setting deadlines.   

Don't Forget to Give Credit Where It's Due 

Last but definitely not least, don't forget to give your Virtual Assistant credit for their hard work. Offering feedback and recognising their efforts can make all the difference in keeping the good vibes going. Even a little "You're doing awesome!" can go a long way. 

To unlock your VA's full potential and keep your business running smoothly, remember these simple guidelines. Treat them with trust, respect, and clear communication, and you'll build a partnership that's highly effective. 

Ready to embrace the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant? Get in touch with us today to chat about what a VA could take off your to-do list, and get back to doing the things that only you can do in your business! 


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