How Can I Improve My Experience With a Virtual Assistant?

Small changes in our daily routine can lead to significant results, and this is especially true for those of us who are time-poor and looking for ways to maximise the limited time we have.  

Using a virtual assistant is one way that many business owners are boosting their productivity and claiming back those precious hours, but most business owners are still not using their VA to their fullest potential! Here are a few tweaks that you can make to help streamline your work and improve communication with your VA. 

Use A Joint To-Do List 

A 'to-do' list is a must, but it's much more effective when both you and your VA can see and edit it in real-time. Joint to-do lists increase visibility over tasks and deadlines, and make it easier to coordinate with your VA. We recommend using paid tools like 'Teamwork,' but 'Trello' is an excellent free option. 

Share Your Passwords Using A Password Manager 

Sharing passwords with your VA can be risky, but password managers like LastPass provide a secure solution. You can give access to your accounts without revealing your passwords to your VA, who will only see a series of dots. LastPass is a free tool (with paid options) that installs as a browser extension and saves time by auto-populating login details for different websites. 

Delegate Effectively 

Learning how to delegate effectively can be challenging, but it's a skill you need to master to work efficiently with your VA. Create a step-by-step written guide or a video on Loom or Berrycast to show your VA how to do specific tasks. Effective delegation frees up your time, enabling you to focus on more critical tasks that drive business growth. This is a big topic, one that we've covered in much more detail in our blog post and podcast episode “How Do I Delegate My To-Do List”. 

Communicate Regularly 

We've said it before, we'll say it again - communication is essential when working with a VA, and the more you communicate, the more valuable they become. Keep your VA in the loop with tasks, schedule changes, and ideas to ensure they deliver quality support. Make it a habit to communicate daily, or at the very least, every few days, and set up regular catch-up times to prioritise these vital interactions. 

Provide Feedback 

Providing feedback is part of excellent communication, and it's an essential part of working with a VA. Tell your VA how they performed, what you liked, and what you didn't. Feedback helps your VA deliver the results you want and fosters a positive professional relationship. 

By implementing the above tips, you can enhance the quality of VA support and communication, streamline your work, and achieve better results. 

If you're not already working with a virtual assistant, consider this your sign! Schedule a free discovery call with us to chat about how we can help you.  


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