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Our Top 2 Tips For Succeeding With Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants can be a game-changer for so many business owners, but they're not a one-size-fits-all solution. To maximise their impact in your business, follow these two simple tips. 

Invest time initially 

When you speak to your new VA for the first time, remember that they are coming into your business "cold." Although you might know your business inside out, your new VA does not. If you want an assistant who does more than just the bare minimum, you need to invest time in establishing solid foundations early on. 

Be clear and honest with your VA about your leadership/management weaknesses and strengths, expectations, and list of tasks. If you're not good at delegating, communicate this with your VA so they can plan to handle this potential roadblock. Once your VA has a good understanding of your business and the way you work, they will be able to extract tasks from you, suggest other jobs they could do to free up your time, and even teach you how to delegate. 

Maintain regular communication 

The number one factor determining your success or failure with a VA is clear and regular communication. Share your ideas, fears, thoughts, concerns, and plans with clarity and confidence. Trust that your VA knows precisely what to do with the information, and watch your business soar as your working relationship strengthens and your VA steps up to the plate time and time again. 

Instead of spending your precious time typing emails, use a quick form of communication such as WhatsApp, Voxer, or Viber to send voice messages to your VA. This helps create an efficient workflow and ensures your VA can work quickly, keeping their finger on the pulse of your needs.

By following these tips, your VA will become a secret weapon in your business. You'll free up time, streamline business systems, and get back to doing the things that you do best. So, prepare to leave your competitors in the dust and take your business to new heights with the help of an excellent VA! 

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