What Are Realistic Response and Turnaround Times for a Virtual Assistant?

Are you considering hiring a virtual assistant to help manage your workload?  

Or do you already have one but find yourself struggling with unrealistic expectations?  

Let's dive into what you can really expect from your virtual assistant and how to make the most of your partnership with them. 

Can I expect urgent turnaround and an immediate response from my VA? 

We get it – the temptation to fire off an email and anticipate an instant reply is real. But here's the deal: your virtual assistant has their hands full too. They're juggling multiple clients, each with their own set of priorities. 

When you get started with your VA, make sure you have an upfront chat about response times. Most queries can be resolved within a business day. But it's also important to cut your VA some slack and give them the benefit of the doubt if things don't happen quite that fast. 

Now, onto those out-of-the-blue urgent tasks... 

Don't forget, your VA has a to-do list that extends beyond your business, often working for many clients throughout the day.  

So, if a last-minute task does come up, there's nothing wrong with contacting your VA to check if they can squeeze it in urgently. But keep in mind the standard turnaround times that your VA outlined when you first started working with them. 1-2 days on a basic task is pretty standard. 

Can I contact my VA outside of office hours? 

Ever had that lightbulb moment at the oddest hour, or you're stuck in work mode even after signing off? We get it. But just because your virtual assistant is virtually connected doesn't mean they're available 24/7. Most VA's keep regular 9-5 hours – just like you! 

In saying that, genius strikes whenever it pleases, and sometimes you're all about tackling that to-do list the moment the sun comes up. So, feel free to message your VA any time. But don't expect a reply from them outside their office hours. And circling back to the question above about turnaround times - you might not find a reply the moment the clock strikes 9AM the next day. 

When working with a virtual assistant, understanding and realistic expectations pave the way for a successful partnership. Prompt responses and urgent turnarounds are part of the equation, but it's important to acknowledge the shared workload between clients and the need for balance. Remember that clear communication about response times and the urgency of tasks is essential.  

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