Episode 25 - Is Your Workload Unsustainable?

As business owners, we often pride ourselves on our ability to handle it all.  

But, there’s a thin line between managing a full plate and tipping into burnout territory.  

Today, we’re discussing how to recognise when your workload might be pushing you towards burnout—because recognising the signs early can make all the difference for getting back on track. 

Understanding the Warning Signs 

Feeling tired all the time? If you're waking up as tired as when you went to bed, that's a red flag waving.  

Constant fatigue affects more than just your physical health; it clouds your decision-making and creativity. It’s importatnt to listen to these early warnings and recalibrate before these symptoms impact your business’s performance and your personal well-being. 

Maintaining Your Drive and Focus

When tasks that once lit a fire in you start to feel like burdens, it's time to pause and reflect.  

This loss of motivation isn't just a phase—it's your mind and body asking for a breather. And if you find your focus is scattered, it’s a sure sign you need to declutter your mental workspace. 

Keeping Your Stress in Check 

It’s normal to feel the heat when you're running a business, but when everyday stress becomes overwhelming, it’s time for intervention.  

Difficulty in handling what used to be ‘normal’ stress levels can quickly escalate, affecting not just your business operations but also your home life and relationships. 

Physical Symptoms and Sleepless Nights 

Headaches, muscle tension, or a string of restless nights? Your body is sounding the alarm. Sustainable business practices don’t just relate to the environment—they’re about maintaining your health, too.  

Taking Proactive Steps 

The power of delegation cannot be ignored!  

Sharing the load doesn’t mean diluting your business’s essence—it means enhancing your ability to focus on what truly matters (and the things that truly only you can do). Whether it’s bringing a virtual assistant into your fold or redistributing tasks within your team, find ways to delegate effectively. 

Self-care is another non-negotiable. This includes regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and sufficient rest. Remember, taking care of your business starts with taking care of yourself. 

Consider this your cue to take action. Set realistic goals, schedule regular breaks, and ensure you’re not just surviving but thriving in your business. Remember, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but a strategy for sustainable business growth 

At Strictly Savvy, we’re here to help lighten that load. Our team of expert virtual assistants can take on those time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business and enjoying your life. Interested in learning more about how we can help? Visit our services page or reach out for a chat.  


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