What Happens If My Virtual Assistant Is On Leave?

So, you finally found that amazing virtual assistant who's been taking care of your tasks. They've been an absolute lifesaver, right?  

But what happens when they decide to take a well-deserved holiday, or if they need to take time off because they're sick?  

Panic may start to creep in, but don't worry! Whether you're working with a VA agency or a freelancer, there's likely a backup plan in place. Let's dive in and discover how to handle this situation. 

VA Agency: 

If your VA is from an agency like Strictly Savvy, you're in good hands! Agencies provide seamless support, even when your primary VA is away. They've got a backup VA waiting in the wings, ready to step in and keep things running smoothly. 

The beauty of this backup plan lies in the agency operating with clearly documented processes. So, when your VA takes a break, the backup VA can easily take over and keep the gears turning with no downtime. 

Contractor/Freelance VA: 

If your VA is a contractor or freelancer, the backup plan might look a little different. Many VAs often have a strong network of talented colleagues who can step in and lend a hand during their absence. Your VA may be able to recommend someone from their network to seamlessly cover their workload. 

This will vary from VA to VA, so make sure you chat about this with your virtual assistant before bringing them on board. 

Now, I hear you thinking, "But what if my contractor/freelancer VA chooses not to find a backup and just leaves the work until they return?"  

That's a valid concern! In this situation, it's essential to have open and honest communication with your VA. 

Talk to them about your expectations and make sure they understand the importance of uninterrupted support. Depending on the nature of the tasks, you can explore options like delegating some responsibilities to others in your team, temporarily adjusting deadlines, finding creative workarounds, or leaving the work until they return from leave. 

Now that you know the secret behind coping with a VA's leave, you can plan accordingly and make sure your business keeps thriving even when your VA is away. 

And if you're ready to chat to us about working with our award-winning team of VAs for uninterrupted support, reach out here, we can't wait to hear from you! 


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