How Can I Use AI In My Business?

Embracing AI isn't just about keeping up with technology.

It's about setting your business apart, making daily operations smoother, and unlocking potential for efficiency in ways you might not have previously imagined or had access to.  

Here are our top tips for integrating AI into your business, to streamline your tasks and automate the mundane, ensuring you have the time to focus on what really matters—growing your business and making progress towards your goals. 

Begin your AI journey with accessible tools like ChatGPT or Meta AI. These platforms are advanced but user-friendly, and they'll be a great starting point to streamline your existing tasks. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Provide summaries of large chunks of text 

  • Brainstorm a list of ideas for social media posts 

  • Draft emails to match a certain tone 

  • Help to troubleshoot tech issues 

  • Extract data from spreadsheets or text-based documents 

  • Optimise online content for SEO 

  • Write and edit scripts for presentations or videos 

When you're ready to dive deeper into AI, you can start looking at specialised tools designed to cater specifically to your business's unique challenges.  

For instance, an easy next step is taking a look at the library of custom GPTs within ChatGPT (check the top left hand corner of chatGPT and look for ‘explore GPTs’), which offer focused advice in specific areas. Here's a few that we currently like:  

  • Tech Support Advisor 

  • DALL-E 

  • Data Analyst 

  • Write For Me 

  • Humaniser 

Next, you could expand into the AI offerings within tools that you already use to streamline processes from your inbox to your spreadsheets. Integrations like Google’s Gemini and Microsoft’s Copilot embed AI within tools like Gmail and Excel, automating tasks from data entry to complex calculations, freeing up your time for strategic thinking. 

AI can also link separate tools and systems with ease. Tools like Zapier can connect different applications that usually can't talk to each other through AI-driven workflows, automating processes across platforms. For example: 

  • Send new Hubspot contacts to a Google Sheets spreadsheet 

  • Create email copy with ChatGPT from new Gmail emails and save as drafts in Gmail 

  • Upload new Instagram media to YouTube as videos 

  • Get a Slackbot message for upcoming Microsoft Outlook calendar events 

Almost any process that you are currently doing manually between two tools can be automated with Zapier.  

The practical uses of AI in business are vast. Whether it's turning meeting minutes into clear, actionable items or crafting marketing content that resonates with your audience, AI tools are already proving to be indispensable for businesses focused on efficiency and growth. 

Starting simple with AI and progressively embracing more sophisticated tools and functionality can have a huge impact on your operational efficiency. Remember, you're not just streamlining processes; you're redefining what's possible, ensuring your business not only survives but thrives for years to come.  

Ready to revolutionise your operations with AI? Reach out to us today to chat about the best AI tools and apps to implement into your business. 


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