The AI Takeover Series: #1 Administration

Welcome to the first instalment of the Get Savvy AI Takeover Series!  

In Part 1 we're looking at administrative automation and how AI tools, specifically ChatGPT 4o, can take your tasks from time-consuming to highly efficient. 

The newest version of ChatGPT (4o) is now available for free - making it accessible to more users and bringing with it many of the capabilities that used to only be available to paid accounts. Free platforms like this are inevitably going to lead to more innovation and competition among AI platforms, so it's worth keeping a close eye on this space! 

ChatGPT 4o allows users to upload documents and photos and utilise a voice function to interact directly with their GPT (features previously only available to paid accounts). The voice feature is particularly handy for business owners on the move, as it enables them to speak directly to ChatGPT and receive answers immediately. 

The capability to upload documents and photos provides AI with more detailed context, allowing it to generate more accurate and relevant results. For instance, businesses can have AI extract, analyse, and present data from any uploaded document. 

Beyond this, here are some practical ways to integrate AI into your daily admin tasks, with functions that are available as of June 2024: 

Email Management: AI technologies like Google's Gemini and Microsoft's Copilot are integrated with their native email platforms (Gmail and Office 365). These tools can help categorise, prioritise, and draft email responses. The AI continuously learns from your interactions, enhancing its ability to sort and respond effectively over time. 

ChatGPT is also a great option for drafting email responses. Remember to provide full context in your prompt (such as who the email is to, what it’s about, key points, and examples of your tone of voice), and proof and edit the results before sending. 

Client Onboarding: Automating client onboarding processes not only saves considerable time but also ensures a smooth experience for both the business and the client.  

By utilising a tool like Zapier—which allows various applications to interact based on specific triggers—in conjunction with AI, businesses can automate the entire workflow from proposal signing to project management setup and sending personalised welcome emails. 

As an example, your workflow in Zapier might look like this:  

Client signs a proposal in your proposal management tool > a notification is sent to you in Slack letting you know a new client signed up > client details are added as a contact in Xero, and an invoice is drafted and sent > a new project is set up in your task management and time tracking tools > client details are added to a central airtable database > ChatGPT drafts a personalised email welcoming the client on board and inviting them to book an onboarding call with you. 

All of this could happen in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Imagine the time that this would save you every time you onboard a client! 

Recruitment: AI can significantly streamline the recruitment process by scanning CVs and job descriptions to match the best candidates. This reduces the time HR spends on initial screenings, allowing more focus on other aspects of recruitment.  

However, always double-check the information provided by AI—AI hallucinations can lead to inaccuracies! For example, if ChatGPT comes back to you telling you that the top applicant has experience in X, Y & Z, double check their CV to ensure that this is accurate.  

Beyond the free version of ChatGPT 4o, businesses contemplating paid AI tools need to assess whether the advanced features justify the cost. For example, if a tool like Microsoft CoPilot costs $48 NZD per month, you need to ensure that you're saving at least that amount per month in terms of time saved. While this shouldn't be hard to achieve, it becomes especially critical when managing multiple subscriptions across a large team. 

Upcoming features on ChatGPT, such as live video call interactions and more advanced multimodal responses, promise to further enhance how businesses use AI across all industries. Acting now to embrace AI can place you well ahead of the curve! 

Remember, using AI effectively involves understanding its capabilities, seamlessly integrating it into your existing processes, and continuously adapting to its evolving features. Stay for the next 3 instalments in our AI Takeover Series, and make sure you're prepared to make the most of AI in your business operations!

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