The AI Takeover Series: #2 Customer Service

Welcome to the second episode of our AI Takeover Series, where we dive into how AI is revolutionising customer service. If you missed it, check out our first episode where we discussed using AI for administrative tasks, here.

Chatbots - 24/7 Customer Service Agents 

Chatbots are the most visible form of AI in customer service, providing 24/7 support and handling customer enquiries independently. You've likely seen them in the bottom right-hand corner of websites, ready to answer your questions and provide information on common queries. 

These AI-powered assistants can tackle a variety of issues without human intervention, from processing returns and refunds in e-commerce stores to providing instant responses, significantly lightening the load for customer service teams. 

Chatbots operate from a knowledge base you set up, ensuring they deliver accurate, helpful information that reflects our brand’s voice. 

Real-time phone transcription 

AI now extends to real-time transcription of phone calls (often built into your CRM software), a crucial tool for maintaining accurate records of customer interactions, especially useful for customer service and sales teams. This feature not only saves time but also ensures precise record-keeping. 

Intent detection and call routing  

You've likely already encountered AI that can direct customers to the appropriate department within a business. For businesses with a high volume of calls and multiple internal departments, this can drastically improve service efficiency. 

Advanced voice features – interactive and conversational AI 

Looking ahead, AI is set to become more conversational and integrated into more complex customer interactions. Technologies that enable AI to make and receive phone calls based on your set parameters are already hitting the market. While the idea might seem daunting, the potential to reduce human workload and allow your team to focus on high-quality interactions is huge. 

As AI continues to evolve, remember that its successful integration depends on understanding both its capabilities and limitations.

If you're looking for experts to analyse, plan, and implement AI tools to enhance the efficiency of your business processes, you're in the right place. Our team of super savvy virtual assistants is ready to help you level up your business with AI. Start the conversation with a quick 15-minute chat with us here.  

And, make sure you stay tuned for more insights in our AI Takeover Series, ensuring your business is prepared to leverage AI to its fullest potential. 

Tools mentioned:

Zapier: Used to integrate and automate tasks between different applications, with a chatbot feature. 

Zendesk: Known for its customer service ticketing system, now integrating AI functionalities. 

Voiceflow: Discussed in the context of setting up chatbots within courses or coaching programs. 

HubSpot: Mentioned in relation to its ability to transcribe phone calls, especially useful in CRM and sales contexts. 

Callfluent.com: Highlighted as a potential tool for implementing advanced voice bot features. 

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