Are you ready to kick the year into full speed?

A new year means New Year's resolutions! Here at Strictly Savvy we have made a few of our own and we would love to assist you with yours. We are back in the office now so whatever your New Year's resolution is we can help – from cleaning out your office to ensuring your accounts are up to date and ready for the end of the financial year. Engaging our services is easy – you can email us or call us on 04 934 5668.

We have also found a few great apps to help us with some personal goals and thought we should share them with you so you too can reach yours!

Stay Focusd is a Chrome extension to help you avoid distracting websites. If your goal this year is to focus on your work and be more productive during your work day then this is the app you need. Just add the websites you spend too much time browsing on to it and set yourself a certain amount of minutes a day (we highly recommend 10 minutes maximum) to spend on that before the app will close the website down forcing you to focus on your work. Think you can just easily change the settings so you can keep on browsing? Think again! You'll need to complete a very difficult challenge before you can change the settings. You can download StayFocusd as a Chrome extension here.

Perhaps you've made a goal to hold more seminars or workshops. We recommend you use Eventbrite. This app is fantastic as it is a booking, charging and tracking tool all in one and is very simple to use. Once you've registered for your free account all you need to do is enter your event details, make your page live and share your link. People can then click on the link which will take them to the info page and from there they can sign up for tickets, pay for tickets and even invite their friends to attend as well.

You can log in to view how many people will be attending your event, who they are and create name badges. Download the Eventbrite Entry phone app and you can check your attendees in as they arrive. Keep an eye out for next month's newsletter as we'll be showcasing our function rooms for hire.

If your goal is to read more articles, download Read Later. Then when you stumble across an article that you would love to read but don't have the time to, instead of trying to remember where you found it later simply right click on the article and click Read Later. When you're ready to read those articles you have stored away, open the app in your browser and read your way to your goal. You can download Read Later for your Chrome bar here.

Hoping to keep your desk clear of those pesky notes? Evernote is a great note taking and storing app that will help you get organised and keep your desk clear. Use Evernote to store ideas, to-do lists, PDFs, photos and much more. Put them into folders, tag them and you will easily be able to search for them later.


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