Samsung phone feature that will blow your mind

Ok, so whoa 'mind blown'...I was editing a contact on my phone today and I noticed something. Now I'm not sure if this was something I had just never seen before or whether it is something that has appeared just recently, but it was intriguing. If it had been there forever, I may just not have ever seen it until now because it actually disappears under my screen keyboard.

I was so excited that I gathered all of the team into my office and told them they were about to see the most amazing thing ever...they were dubious, and rightly so. Me being super excited and animated and throwing my hands around in delight is not the norm, and I'm a total nerd that gets excited about things that maybe aren't exciting to others - like discovering a wireless charging pad for my Samsung phone!

Anyway...back to the thing I found....

We've all heard of the scanning apps, the ones you pay for and they scan business cards and supposedly enter them into your contacts, right?

Well, the thing I found built into my phone was exactly that - you push the 'Scan Business Card' button and voilà all of the details magically appear into each respective field within the contact.

Let me talk you through it because this will save you so much time. You do not want to stop reading until you have understood the implications of knowing about this feature and using this. I repeat - do not stop reading until you have understood the implications of knowing this feature.

On my Samsung Galaxy S6, I go to:


Add new contact or edit contact

Scroll to the bottom of the screen


Hold your phone over the business card (it'll automatically take a photo so don't push anything)

Waiting, waiting then...

Boom. All the details from the business card magically appear in each field, with the photo of the business card saved within it too. Genius.

I have tried it on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the feature is there too, it's just harder to find. Go to Contacts and then push the Menu button on the right, then go down to Business Card. Same feature, different place.

Now go - go see if this feature is on your phone! It will save you so much time.


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