Part 2 - Surfing the net like a pro

Anyone who owns or runs a business anticipates that there will be a certain amount of administration 'stuff' to take care of. However, sometimes the basic mechanics of business management can become overwhelming. Here at Strictly Savvy, we have made it our business to help you run your business more efficiently, so if you are drowning in admin or you've forgotten what your actual job is, this five-part blog series might be just the life raft you've been looking for!

Now that you have your email set up well (see Part 1 of 5 if you missed it!), it's time to move on to web browsing. If you have 900 million different logins and passwords stored in an old notebook that you seem to be constantly referring to throughout the day, then this is the blog for you! From slow connections and old equipment to excessive searching, clicking and typing, we have compiled timesaving tips to help you overcome a multitude of web browsing speed wobbles.

1. First things first, get yourself/your business a high-speed, wireless Internet connection. Although this advice may seem redundant in this day and age, we still stumble across clients struggling with intermittent internet access or dodgy signals. With Sparks new wireless rural broadband, there is almost no part of NZ that is left without good connection speeds. (Begs the question – is this the end of the 'wop-wops' in NZ as we know it?)

2. Next, up, buy a decent laptop and/or desktop computer. Get advice from an IT company or specialty store about which one is going to suit the way you work and what you need. Don't rush the decision and do some research. Don't be cheap because you'll regret it, no one likes a slow computer. You'll never regret spending money on good computer hardware that can handle all the things you need to do with it. You'll also need a widescreen, keyboard and mouse – a laptop on its own isn't enough to enable you to work efficiently and without frustration.

3. Use shortcuts while online. Did you know you don't need to type the 'www' of a website address? Typing in strictlysavvy.co.nz will get you there. On a PC, 'Ctrl + T' opens a new tab in your web browser – on a Mac, it is 'Command + T'. Holding down 'Ctrl' when you click on a link on a website opens it in a new tab (this is especially useful when using Xero so you can flick between areas).

4. Check out lastpass.com and set up your LastPass account. Life changing. It saves all of your logins and passwords in a secure vault and makes moving around between your various accounts and sites a breeze and super efficient. I recently introduced LastPass to a client's Office Manager, and she said "Why have I not known about this until now? Can I use this at home too?" This tool really will change your life for the better. How much time do you think you have wasted trying to remember your password for something and resetting the password? At Strictly Savvy we use the enterprise version, and it's a tool we use ALL day, EVERY day. It's key for us in providing an efficient service to our clients.

5. Set up a Chrome profile and make use of the bookmarks. I see so much time wasted by not using shortcuts on computers. It's one of the first things we do when sorting out a new client's laptop. Log into Chrome if you have a Google account (here's how) otherwise you can use it without logging in. Then bookmark your most used sites (and edit the name so that more can fit across the bar). Or if you can recognise the icons you can delete the name altogether like I do – see below (here's how).
6. In your Chrome profile, pin the tabs you use frequently throughout the day. This makes them smaller, taking up less room and ensures they are always sitting there for you to quickly flick into when you need to. All you need to do is right-click on the tab and click 'Pin Tab'.
Now all you need to do is decide what to do with all the newfound time you have in your workday. The mind boggles... Heck, you might actually be able to take time out of your day for yourself, or to read, or to listen to that podcast! We look forward to hearing how you get on with embedding these new web browsing tips into the way you work. (Oh, and feel free to tag us in pictures of you enjoying your newly discovered free time #savvytimesaver)

In the next blog, we are aiming to help you be even MORE efficient, as we delve into the wondrous world of mobile phones.

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