A little challenge that will make your day, and someone else's

How good does it feel to make someone else feel good? Amazingly good, right? Giving to someone else means that you inadvertently get even more back. I'm not talking about money or tangible things, I'm talking about joy, happiness, and that gooey stuff.

We should all give more.

I wrote three recommendations on LinkedIn today (without being asked) and it felt great. The recipients were so grateful and now I'm looking for who else I can genuinely recommend publicly.

This brings me to a little challenge I want to put to you...

I challenge you to go on LinkedIn right now and write 3 recommendations. It might be an inspiring manager you have worked for, an exceptional team member you have managed, someone you have collaborated with, or a supplier that delivers on their promises.

Even if you don't think you are a very good writer, it doesn't matter. Be natural, write how you would say it in conversation if you need to. The important part is the act of actually submitting it, not how articulate it is.

So go now and write them. You might be surprised by how much you get out of it too.

Challenge: Write 3 recommendations on LinkedIn right now.

Here's the instructions on how:

1. Log in to your LinkedIn account and search for the person you would like to recommend

2. Once you are on their page, click on the three dots on their profile and click "Recommend [their name]"

3. Write your recommendation and save! That's it.

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