Free admin support available for local businesses - don't miss out!

If you are a local business and have a wish list of projects and tasks as long as your arm, you're in luck.

As leaders in the business of administration, Strictly Savvy has secured the exciting opportunity of providing a Savvy Business Administration Course to job seekers in the Wellington Region. A key element of the course will be undertaking real-life tasks for real-life businesses. It's a win-win - attendees will be able to practice their learnings and businesses will get resources working on their tasks at no cost.

We've put together a list of example tasks that you could request:

  • Word document formatting
  • Online research
  • Researching blog post topics and ideas
  • Creating social media ideas and draft content
  • Database updating
  • Entering business card details into Excel
  • Typing from voice recordings

What's the catch you say? Nothing really, there's just a few conditions:

All tasks must be able to be completed remotely and using Excel, Word, Outlook or the internet. Strictly Savvy would come to your premises and take a short video of you introducing yourself and explaining the task or project. No guarantees on the accuracy or quality of the tasks or projects will be given however the tasks/projects will be undertaken with the assistance of the course facilitator. Projects and tasks accepted at Strictly Savvy's discretion.

See, no catch.

Think you have some tasks you'd love to get completed? Get in quick because we can only take a limited number of projects. 

PS: If you need more certainty for your project or task, as always our professional Strictly Savvy team would be happy to assist. With our extended Savvy Squad, we can take care of all your diary management, inbox management, bookkeeping, travel arrangements, graphic design, photography, online process creation, advice on tools and apps, digital marketing, phone answering and e-newsletter needs...



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