We implemented a game-changer in our business

Last year my Business Development Manager and I attended a full day workshop in Auckland run by an international business coach. The content was fresh and tech-savvy - just the way we like it.

One of the key takeaways was something that we would not realise the full impact of until we later implemented it into our business.

It really was a game-changer for us.

How much more productive would your team be if they could access the answer to many of questions they had - at the touch of a button? And how many fewer questions would you get from them all?

You could write up an operations manual, right? That would stop the questions, right?

Wrong. And here's why. They are outdated as soon as they are printed. No one ever updates them. They get lost, ripped, dirty, used as a screen stand and....using a contents page to try and find what you need is so 1999.

We all want instant access to the information we seek.

Here's what we did. We set up a Google Sites internal website - an intranet. Ever heard of Google Sites? No, neither had we. If you have a Google account it means you have access to it. It's a free tool that is part of the Google family just like Google Drive and Gmail.

Here's a demo site that we set up on Google Sites so you can see what one looks like.

The benefits of the Google Sites platform are that there are no ongoing hosting fees like a typical website, you can access it via a web browser (a Chrome profile works great as you're already logged into your Google account) and you can restrict access and permission levels.

Our Strictly Savvy Google Sites intranet has:

  • tutorial videos (we used either a mobile phone or a screen recording tool)
  • PDF resources and forms that can be downloaded
  • best practice checklists and examples
  • company vision/values/goals
  • team photos, contact details, bios and links to their LinkedIn profiles
  • services lists
  • rates/pricing/packages
  • links to documents
  • companies we refer to or call on for advice
  • policies, processes, and instructions
  • IT tech support notes and how-to's
...and everything and anything team members would need to know to do their job efficiently, accurately and effectively. We also use our intranet to manage 90% of our induction process.

With Google's technology in the search tool, finding what you need is exceptionally fast and easy.

At the time of writing, our team is 16 strong. There used to be constant questions and interruptions. I was repeating myself over and over and by 5 o'clock I was always spent. This one initiative has yielded exceptional time savings and led to better and more consistent service delivery...and I can now spend my time more strategically.

How much time could you save? How much bigger or better could your business be if you had more mental capacity?

If you are tired of answering the same questions, talk to us about how we can set an intranet up for you. Investing little and often by updating the site and growing the content has a huge payback in time, efficiencies, productivity, accuracy, consistency, and...sanity!

Check out our demo site here.

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