5 Great Reasons To Love Using A Virtual Assistant

Do you have a virtual assistant? No? Well, grab a drink and get comfy, as I’m about to hit you with a thought-provoking statement I heard recently that might make you question the way you’re managing your business: 

"If you don't have an assistant, you ARE one".

Let’s leave that to sink in for a hot minute…

How does reading that line feel? I can bet that unless you got into business to be an assistant, the answer is ‘err… not great!’ 

I would love to hear your reason for not choosing to use a VA, so feel free to leave a comment, but before doing so, see if your objection can be overcome by checking out these five reasons to love using a virtual assistant!

Reason #1. A VA is more cost effective than hiring a permanent staff member. (Don’t believe me? Read on)

Most people will say that cost is the most significant barrier to bringing a VA into their business. If you’re ready to grow your business, and you're deciding between a permanent, part-time staff member or a VA, here are the facts to consider. 

First off, what is YOUR time worth? More than an assistant's hourly rate, right? Yes, on the surface, the hourly rate for a virtual assistant may feel a lot higher than what you could pay a permanent, part-time employee, but have you looked at the bigger picture? 

Virtual assistants are virtual team members who work from their own space with their own equipment, which means unlike an employee, you don't need to pay for all the trimmings.
You know, the everlasting stream of expenses such as kitchen supplies, app subscriptions, laptops, keyboards, headphones, desks, chairs, power, mobile phones, coffees, stationery, training courses, and of course the standard costs such as sick leave, insurance, superannuation contributions, and annual leave.

The real cost of an employee reaches far beyond their base salary!

Reason #2. Thank you, next! (No strings attached)

If it isn't working out, (despite you delegating well, communicating clearly, providing your VA regular feedback, and giving them all the task details up-front) you can let them know you'd like to cancel the service.

Yep, it’s as simple as that.

That means no awkward discussions with employees in performance monitoring meetings, no letters of warning, and no potential for unfair dismissals or personal grievances.

Phew! You pay for the service you need when you need it. It’s a very straightforward, stress-free transaction!

Reason #3. Headache-free compliance. 

Reason number three is short and sweet, and something that is a massive relief for employers.
Virtual assistants sort out their own tax, meaning you won’t have to worry about tax obligations related to them (such as PAYE filing in NZ). 

If you’re a business of one that struggles with numbers, I imagine you’ll be pleased to hear that you can still hire help without making your compliance obligations more complicated!   

Reason #4 Extra hours in your day! 

Admin and repetitive business processes are necessary, but as your business grows, can be very time-consuming.

By bringing a skilled VA on board, you'll be able to off-load a whole assortment of tasks and free up your precious time, allowing you to focus on business growth, and higher yield activities.
Virtual assistants are well versed with a vast array of tasks, so when you find a talented VA, they can give you back hours each day with task automation and by handling your admin busywork.
With this extra time, you'll suddenly find yourself working on your business again, rather than in your business. 

If you have some great ideas bubbling away but have been putting them on the back burner because you just haven’t been able to find the time to sit down get those wheels in motion, you'll be able to see that hiring a VA is indeed a genius move.

Reason #5 He who hesitates… is fine, because he has a virtual assistant! 

Running a business requires a massive range of skills, and almost no one can do everything well, so it makes sense to seek help in the areas you don’t excel.

Plus, I know there will be tasks that you put off (or don’t do at all) because you don’t like doing them!
If you have been procrastinating on something for so long, it’s just not a happening thing *cough, cough social media, cough, blogs, cough* it’s time to find a VA with a skillset to fill in the blanks!

This way, the things that you aren't good at or don’t want to do will get done and can start making a positive difference in your business.


So, what do you think? Have any of these great reasons to love using a VA changed your mind? Do you have another reason for not wanting to bring on a virtual team member? We would love to hear your thoughts!

We're a flexible bunch here at Strictly Savvy, and we are fortunate to have a super talented team with a diverse skill set, which allows us help our clients with almost any business support task they can imagine. If you’d like to find out more about how a VA could work for you in your business, get in contact and let’s work together to make 2019 one of your best years in business to date! 

Jo Jensen
Founder Strictly Savvy & The VA Foundry


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