The Benefits Of Outsourcing To A Virtual Assistant

Joy and Jo talk about the reasons why it actually costs you less when you hire a local virtual assistant vs an employee.

Welcome everyone, to our very first video. Today we wanted to talk about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

So, firstly, one of the key benefits is that you save on all the employee related costs. If you think of having an employee, whether it's full time or part time, you have the obligatory PAYE, you have leave to cover; so sick leave, annual leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave. Then of course, you've got things like the equipment. So, things like:

- Space in the office
- Laptops
- Chairs
- Desks
- Keyboards
- Mouse pads
- Ergonomic things
- Kitchen supplies - milk, coffee, tea, Milo

By outsourcing and having a virtual assistant you don't have that. You literally just have a monthly invoice. That's where the cost stops.

With an employee, you think, "Oh but I can hire someone, for a cheaper hourly rate than a virtual assistant". But actually, when you look at the cost of an employee, it doesn't just stop at the hourly rate. There's a whole bunch of costs on top of that. You've got to take that into account.

By hiring a virtual assistant at Strictly Savvy you get full time access to your virtual assistant. However, you're only paying for the actual time that they spend doing tasks for you. It feels like you have a full-time person but you're only actually paying for say 10 hours a month, or 25, 45, however many hours suits what you need. But it feels like you have that full-time person. Without paying for a full-time salary.

And it's not only one person, you actually have access to an entire team. Bookkeepers, graphic designers, photographers, as well as the executive assistant. So again, you don't just hire one person. You'll be given a dedicated virtual assistant, who suits your needs and your requirements, but you can also tap into an entire team. So, you get the skills of multiple people, which means if you hire a part time person or a full-time person as an employee, you're very limited to just the skills that they possess.

Whereas having a virtual assistant with our team means that you're getting access to an entire team. But you still only have one point of contact. So, you don't need to remember what you go to each person for. There's just one point of contact and they project manage your tasks.

One of the good examples we've got is we have a couple of business coaches that we do work for. They used to have a full-time employee, paying about $45k per annum, but with us, they spend around $30k per annum. They get the same output, if not more actually, as paying about $45k per annum. So, they're getting everything done and more for actually a lesser cost. And they don't have to worry about space in the office. 

So just on crude numbers, they're saving $15k per annum. Plus, they also save on all of the extra costs that they had for that employee. Plus, they were paying external consultants for photography. Huge savings for them and getting a better service.

If you were thinking, "Oh it does cost more by an hourly rate", those are the factors when you put them into play, it actually works out a lot more economical and having a team to access means you don't have multiple bills for outsourcing different places .... just all in one place.

One of the things that we love at Strictly Savvy is automation and using tools and streamlining things, and utilising all of this technology that we have available. We introduce you to the tools that do streamline or automate tasks. The last thing we want to do is actually be doing tasks that could be automated. That's just a waste of money. We implement that automation for you. We look for opportunities of where we can streamline so that your business is actually running really, really smoothly, streamlined, and as efficient as possible.

While we do that, we document what we're doing. Quite often with employees they have a job description and they start to do tasks and they do all sorts of things. With us, we document everything we do and it’s all on-line. Employees should document processes but they never do.

We document processes, and part of it is because we have a back-up virtual assistant. So, if your VA is away, then the back-up steps in and it's all online, and so people know how you do things, and what your processes are. And that also leads us to be able to identify gaps and where we can say, "Hey look we've used this system for ........, we know other businesses using these systems, why don't you give it a go?" So, it means we're able to be more proactive and suggest ways to help improve your business. As opposed to just being reactive.

One of the benefits is that you don't have to worry about leave cover. When you hire a virtual assistant at Strictly Savvy, we cover and make sure that there's back-up and people looking after you. Our team members obviously still go on leave, but we cover that, so they don't need to think about that, and so you don't need to think about that.

And probably one of the other things is that we can answer your phone calls. So, no missed phone calls. Particularly important if you are a tradie type, because quite often, in our experience, they're the number one type that actually misses calls. Because they are often on the tools or in a ceiling, doing things, so phone calls can be a thing that are often missed. With us we answer all calls between nine and five, Monday to Friday, and if your virtual assistant is out, they're on lunch or they're at a meeting, then there's always someone else, the back-up virtual assistant, to answer those calls. So, no missed calls and no missed opportunities.

Some of our clients love that on their mobile phone, instead of calls going to voice mail, it actually diverts to us. They still get the opportunity to answer their phone but if they can't, then it comes to us. The caller will always get someone to talk to, another way that we can make our clients businesses amazing.

Thank you very much for watching. That was Savvy Sessions #1 and look out for Savvy Sessions #2 coming out soon.

See ya soon!

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