What Do We Love About Being Virtual Assistants?

Joy, Jo and the Savvy Squad talk about what they love about being a Virtual Assistant! (Watch until the end)

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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions #4, with Joy and Jo.

- Where you will hear from each of our squad members about what they love most about being a VA.

- [Karen] As a bookkeeping VA, I love the variety of doing different things each day.

- [Anesha] As a creative VA, I love helping people market their businesses better online.

- [Anna] As a VA, I think what I enjoy most is being a part of everyone's team, and becoming a part of my client's staff.

Being one of their staff, one of their team members.

Become part of their culture as well as our culture.

That's probably the funnest thing.

- [Teesha] As a creative team member, I love the variety of tasks that I get to work on.

From things such as photography, to website design, and even branding projects.

- [Kylie] So what I really love about being a bookkeeping VA, is being available to help clients with problems that they are not sure about.

And I'm just at the end of an email, or a text, or a WhatsApp.

And can just give them some quick advice, and help them run their business.

- [Laura] What I love most about being a VA is the variety of work and helping my clients achieve their goals.

- [Keeley] What I love about being a VA, is meeting new people, and learning new skills.

- Right, that's us. Hopefully a great bit of insight as to what our virtual assistants love about their roles.

- Yeah, so that is Savvy Sessions #4, with Joy and Jo.

- See you next time.

End of Transcription.


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