Forget Using A Virtual Assistant, Do This Instead

Joy and Jo talk about how to maximise your time and your VA's time by following their tips in delegating and how to create a whole system for automation of tasks. 


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-Welcome to Savvy Sessions number five with Joy and Jo, today's topic is forget using a virtual assistant, do this instead.

-So, one of the key things we recommend people do is look at their tasks and figure out what kind of task can be automated, 'cause there's a number of tools out there that can help you streamline and reduce time. So do that first instead of giving the tasks to a VA to repeat, once you've done that, they may even just be able to do that for you and get the whole system automation in place.

-Yeah, so a really good virtual assistant will actually not just do all of the tasks that they are asked to do, but actually look at those tasks and see whether they can streamline them, automate them, like do them more efficiently, introduce tools like Zapier, to actually automate loads of the tasks that they might regularly do, or that you as the person who's gonna delegate might do. And then, yeah, go from there and get the VA to be doing much higher level tasks instead.


-So that is forget using a virtual assistant, do this instead, with Joy and Jo.

-See ya next time.

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