7 Little Tweaks That Will Transform How You Use A VA

If you have a virtual assistant, these tweaks may just transform the way you work your VA and have your relationship with them become even more successful.


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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions number seven with Joy and Jo! Today's topic is, 7 Little Tweaks That Will Transform How You Use A Virtual Assistant.

- Now one of the key things you need to do with a virtual assistant is have some kind of joint to-do list. So that keeps all your tasks visible for you to keep an eye on or delegate and for the VA to know what they are up to. And they can even write comments on any joint to-do list to update you where it's at. So that also saves time of you ringing to check in, hey where you are at with this? You can see they're doing it, you can see the progress. And then both of you know where you're at.

- Second one is to communicate and communicate loads. As much as possible. Over, if you feel like you're over-communicating then it's probably about right. So yeah, it's not gonna work unless you communicate. So up the communication and just, yeah, see how that pays off.

- And then with things like passwords, even credit cards, you can share those with your VA through a password--

- Vault?

- Vault, like LastPass. It's a really good way. You don't even have to give your password over you just put it in LastPass and share it with your VA. And it's really handy for handing over like credit card details as well. So if they need to book flights or purchase anything on your behalf, they don't actually have your card number but they can use it.

- Yeah, so like, sharing anonymously.

- Yeah.

- Using LastPass. Yep. So the next one, number four, is learning to delegate and delegate well. So that's about, if you delegate then don't actually go in and then do that task on your own without your VA 'cause you've seen that it needs to be done and, oh, I could just quickly do that. And actually like giving over like the detail that you need. Making sure that it's really clear and concise.

- Yep.

- And you know giving a deadline of when you expect it to be done by. Like, is the deadline movable, is it fixed, does it have to be done by then? Like, you know just giving the information that someone would need to set them up for success to actually do that task well.

- Yeah, another thing is always provide feedback. So, any feedback is always welcome to a VA so they know that they're on the right track. And it's better to say, hey, that's not quite right, can you tweak it? As opposed to just seeing something and going, hm, not sure about that. So, always give feedback. Positive and constructive. So.

- Absolutely. But you can't expect them to do a really good job if you're not, like, giving them that feedback and like giving them the opportunity to do better next time. So the next one, number six, is trust. So trust that they want to do a good job. Trust that they are capable of doing the job. Trust that they will, that they want to do the job. Yeah just, lots of trust in handing over the information that they need, the passwords that they need. Just trust that they've got it under control and have that conversation with them about like, you know, this is scary for me to be handing over control. So like please like just bear with me and help me along the way and like just, you know, give me the feedback on how I'm doing. And just building that relationship and trusting your virtual assistant can really go a long way to helping the relationship grow.

- Yeah and I guess tied in with it our final one would be to give them all the details. So the more information you can give about a task means they don't have to come back to you and say, you know, with any questions about how to do it. So don't be shy to give as much detail as you can 'cause then they are very crystal clear about your expectations, what you need, and how they can go about completing a task for you.

- And then even like it's with the delegating well, as well. It's not just all the details but it's like, also actually show someone how to do the task. Like, create a video in Loom that shows them and teaches them how to do that task so that they can actually see what they need to do and they can refer back to it later. So just investing that time up front, giving them all the instructions, delegating really well will, yeah, absolutely pay dividends down the track and actually have those tasks being completed correctly the first time and yeah, making it a smooth sailing with your virtual assistant. So that is number seven of Savvy Sessions with Joy and Jo!

- See you next time!

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