Our Top Tips For Using a Virtual Assistant

Thinking about hiring a virtual assistant to help manage your business tasks?

A VA can be a game-changer for busy business owners who need help getting things off their to-do lists. 

 But how do you ensure a smooth and successful working relationship with your virtual assistant?  

Here are six tips to keep in mind:  

Tip #1: Provide All Necessary Details 

This includes logins, passwords and any other information your virtual assistant may need to get started right away. By doing this, you’ll avoid delays and ensure that your virtual assistant can complete your tasks efficiently. 

Tip #2: Give Context and Relevant Information 

This is key! Your virtual assistant will benefit greatly from understanding the why behind the task, and the end goal you are trying to achieve. You’ll also give them a better understanding of your expectations, which will help them deliver higher-quality results. 

Tip #3: Spend Time Upfront 

Take the time to train your VA and help them get to know you better. When they understand how you think, your values, and your standards, they will be able to deliver work that aligns with your expectations. This will save you time and effort in the long run. 

Tip #4: Regular Communication is Essential 

Open and regular communication is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when working with a virtual assistant. Even a quick update through messaging apps like WhatsApp can be helpful to keep them informed and on track. 

Tip #5: Be Open to Feedback and Suggestions 

Your virtual assistant is an experienced professional who has worked with a range of businesses and clients. They are likely to have valuable suggestions and feedback that can help you and your business. Be open to hearing their ideas and insights as they can help you streamline and improve your processes! 

Tip #6: Set Deadlines 

Providing deadlines for each task ensures the work is delivered on time and helps your VA prioritise their tasks for the day. This is a great way to keep the work on track and make sure your business operations run smoothly. 

These tips can help you build a successful working relationship with your virtual assistant, allowing you to get back to the big-picture tasks in your business. Want to chat about whether a VA is right for you? Contact us for a chat! 


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