The Pros And Cons Of A Local Virtual Assistant Versus An Overseas Virtual Assistant

Ever wondered what type of virtual assistant would work best for you? Joy and Jo talk through the different types of virtual assistant, both local and offshore.

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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions number 13 with Joy and Jo.

- In this video we're going to be telling you the pros and cons of a local virtual assistant versus an overseas virtual assistant.

- Yes, so we'll go through overseas first. So the pros of an overseas virtual assistant is that you can get it for cheaper, right? And that they can work overnight for you, so different hours, and that might really suit you in your business to have someone work at nights where you work during your day. But some of the cons are that, in places like the Philippines, they can have really unreliable internet. They can have unreliable power as well, and so any overseas, like those types of countries, Southeast Asia, India, etc. English is their second language and most of the time you'll find that they are really awesome at doing reactive tasks if you can find a really good one. So you can't really be asking them to do anything too proactive or thinking ahead or strategic. It's more, if you're a really process-driven person, and that's your personality style, super organised and can create Loom videos, and have a really good system for actually delegating that work and super clear instructions, then absolutely an overseas virtual assistant could work for you if you're that personality style.

- And then if we move on to the local virtual assistants, one of the key benefits is they're on the same time zone as you, so that makes a lot easier to contact perhaps clients of yours. They'll be doing it with a Kiwi accent as well, or local accent. Also they can be a lot more proactive as being in the same time zone, they are literally just like the PA in your office. So they will do a lot more proactive things and like I said phone calls during 9-5 Monday to Friday.

- They can look  ahead for you, think strategically, they know the market, they know business here in New Zealand or wherever you are. You know they know the jargon, they know the slang, it's much easier for them to be proactive. And they might've been in an office role and then they're just doing that remotely so they have already done that type of role that you might be asking them to do previously.

- The con of a local VA is it will cost you a little bit more. So if you're going to compare it to an overseas VA, a local VA does come with a higher hourly rate.

- Absolutely. So that's the pros and cons of overseas vs local.

- See you next time!

End of Transcription.


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