How A Virtual Assistant Actually Completes Task For You Remotely

Ever wondered how a virtual assistant actually does the work for you remotely? Jo and Joy shed light on the subject, and reveal it can be easier than you may have thought.

Welcome to Savvy Sessions #14.

In this session we will cover how a virtual assistant actually completes tasks for you remotely.

The key to this is absolutely utilising technology. There's tons of it out there now and this is how it's all possible for a virtual assistant to work remotely.

Things like communication become even more key, so a virtual assistant will use certain tools with you to communicate, like WhatsApp, just for either the texts or the voice messages, relaying information to you and vice versa. There will be a lot more phone and/or email usage, or even  a Chat app or tool that you both have on your PCs and phones.

Your virtual assistant, when they are undertaking tasks for you, will use a time tracking tool of some kind, there's a bunch out there. They log their time as they go, and then you can request that they send a timesheet to you at the end of the month so you can see where they’ve spent their time. 

Having a good task management system in place, something like Trello springs to mind, that gives visibility on both sides of all the tasks that are required to be done, so instead of perhaps handing someone a note, you would be jumping onto Trello, assigning a task, giving a due date, give them notes for it. 

We use Teamwork, and so it's really easy on your phone, there's always a phone app for all of these tools, really easy to put a new task in. It doesn't need to be cumbersome. 

It's just a case of having everything Cloud-based. As much as you need. Everything in the Cloud, for example emails, your virtual assistant could have their own email address, or they can log into your email account. As long as everything's Cloud-based and you're utilising tools and technology, it's absolutely easy to delegate tasks, and use a virtual assistant who works remotely.

Thanks for watching.  That was Savvy Sessions #14.

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