Why Australian Business Owners Should Consider Using A New Zealand VA

Hey Aussies...ever thought about the benefits of using a New Zealand based virtual assistant? Here we give you a few reasons to ponder...

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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions Number 15, with Joy and Jo.

- In this video, we will be telling you why Australian business owners should consider using a New Zealand virtual assistant.

- So one of them is that there is not that much difference between Australia and New Zealand. You know we're like cousins, I suppose.

- Yeah.

- You would say we sort of love-hate each other, don't we? But because we're so similar, the culture's very similar, slang's very similar, obviously we speak the same language. So it wouldn't feel too different having a New Zealand virtual assistant if you're an Australian business and let's face it, most of New Zealand is over in Australia anyway right?

- Oh yeah. Don't go there.

- But also things like the time difference. What it means is if you have a New Zealand virtual assistant, they'll be up and at it before you get to the office. So you can actually come into the office in the morning, and have your inbox all sorted out and ready for you to go for the day and things are prioritised. It gives you a bit of a head start to the day.

- So the other reason could be that it's actually cheaper, and works out more cost-effective because of the exchange rate. And also because of the GST not being included on the invoice. So effectively, overall it'll be cheaper.

- We all love saving on tax don't we?

- So that is Savvy Sessions number 15 with Joy and Jo.

- And we'll see you next time.

End of Transcription. 


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