Can I have a virtual assistant for life admin?

Virtual Assistants don't need to be purely business focused; they can help you out with personal admin too.

A VA is equipped to do pretty much anything that takes things off your to-do list.

As well as helping you with the admin or bookkeeping side of your business, there's nothing stopping them from booking the flights for your holiday, finding a nanny, or making sure you remember your annual dentist checkup!  

Think of it this way, whatever is going to save time in your day and can be organised remotely, is something that you can ask your VA to help with. 

Here's some of the life admin tasks that we've been asked to do at Strictly Savvy: 

  • Book personal appointments (doctor, dentist, optometrist) 

  • Book car services and WOFs 

  • Arrange insurance 

  • Coordinate dinner reservations  

  • Researching and booking childcare/holiday programmes 

  • Coordinating birthday parties 

  • Plan and book a family holiday 

  • Research the purchase of new computer equipment 

  • Come up with ideas and then order gifts and flowers for special events 

  • We even had someone who asked us to purchase a gold bullion for them and get it delivered! 

Want to find out more about what a virtual assistant could do to free up time in your busy schedule? Book a no-obligation discovery call with us here! 


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