Can I Please Have A General Life VA?

Virtual Assistants don't need to be purely business focused, they can often help you out with personal admin too...

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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions number 17 with Joy and Jo. So today's question is from Sarah Wilson and she says, "Can I please have a general life VA?"

- Well Sarah, yes you can. So when you sign up with a virtual assistant, quite often they will do pretty much anything that you want that takes things off your plate. So, as well as helping you with the admin side of your business, there's nothing stopping them from also booking the flights for your holiday, finding a nanny, booking the plumber in to come and fix things. So think of it as holistically whatever is going to save your time in your day, stop you having to look around. We've had people that have actually asked us to put up a job interview for a nanny. We've had people ask us to find the best flights for holidays. Things like that even, I do recall someone wanting a new iPad, so we had to then figure out the best place to get one of them.

- Remember we had someone who asked us to purchase a gold bullion for them and get it delivered to them.

- Yes.

- Yeah, so literally anything that you can think of that we can do remotely so obviously not physically. We can even organise the gardener for you or the housekeeper or anything like that also saves time from your end so you're not having to do that as well.

- Yeah, or even, can you find me the details for a few gardeners call them see if they're available and then set up to meet them with the our client.

- So at the house to interview them, or, you know, just, yeah, anything that could gather information that they need, or you're wanting to call them yourself, then we can find phone numbers and pass them to you, and here are the three options you could call.

- So in short,

- Sarah, yes, you can get a general life VA.

- So that is Savvy Sessions number 17 with Joy and Jo. See you next time. 

End of Transcription.


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