Do You Need to Have a Website Set up from Day 1 Before You Have Any Clients?

Depending on the nature of your business, you may or may not necessarily need a live website before you secure clients. Let's unpack that...


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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions number 19 with Joy and Jo.

- Now, in this video, we're going to be answering the question from Sue Ellen, which is, do you need to have a website set up from day one before you even have any clients?

- Yeah, so it depends on what type of business you're creating. So obviously, if you're selling products online, 100% you need a website. Now if you're selling more like, services or coaching services or something that isn't actually going to be purchased directly on the website, then you can absolutely just start with your LinkedIn profile. So a LinkedIn profile can be your first website essentially. Especially if you're selling your services and your time to clients. You can have your profile looking amazing. Now you can have a background image in the header. You can have really great head shot. You can have a big summary that talks about what you can offer people, what they will get from your service and then have all of your experience there. So that can really act as a low-cost easy way, or zero cost, easy way to get a presence online, and then once you get a few clients under your belt and then you're bringing in some revenue, you might find that a website online could help you with even more credibility and getting more of an online presence. So yeah, I regularly recommend to people that if they're selling their own services, just them selling their time and their expertise, then absolutely start with a LinkedIn profile.

- Yeah, and if you think about it as if you have a website, people generally go to your website to find out more about you. So they jump on Google or they look things up. It's because they are wanting to just gather more information, but you can have that on LinkedIn, as Jo says, and then once you've got a few clients, even start with a one-page website and just build it up from there.

- Yeah, absolutely. And a one-page website can be really cost-effective too. So on Rocketspark which is the website tool that we use, really easy to maintain, add content, and they do a $10 per month, currently, at the time of filming, $10 per month one-page website which can be everything that you need to get started. And social proof is also important online and if you think about LinkedIn, you can have recommendations on there so that you can actually act as your social proof.

- Yeah.

- All right, so that is Savvy Sessions number 19 with Joy and Jo.

- And we'll see you next time.

End of Transcription.

PS: Rocketspark has an unadvertised $10 per month one-page website option. Talk to us for the code to use.


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