When Is The Best Time To Hire A VA?

There is no one 'right time' to hire a VA, it all depends on your mindset. Here Jo and Joy give you some triggers to look out for...

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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions number 20, with Joy and Jo. Today's question is when is the best time to hire a VA?

- The short answer there is there's no best time that fits everyone. The key time really is when your mindset is in the right place, so you know that you're ready to outsource and think of the little triggers that might pop up during the day. Are you doing things regularly that are taking your time, they're not any kind of revenue-generating activity. So if you find that you are getting stuck, spending too much time going through your inbox, sorting out what to reply to what not to reply to. You're chasing receipts, you're even chasing staff for timesheets or things like that. Anything that comes up that is not good use of your time. You do need to be able to commit the time to outsourcing and getting a VA on board. So essentially the best time is when you are ready, when you acknowledge those cues, your headspace is in the right place to actually sit down and offload your task list and teach someone how to do it, because a little bit of time spent now doing that will reap the rewards down the track. And another trigger could be things like you realised that you've missed your deadline for GST and no one likes to do that.

- No, you get a penalty. So that could be a good trigger for you if you find that you are often missing compliance type deadlines or people are always chasing you or you are getting penalties, that's a really good indicator that you need to hire a Virtual Assistant because they can keep track of those things, they can make sure that things are submitted on time and processed etc. So, yeah, that's the type of triggers that you'll be looking out for.

- Yeah I guess one of the other things could be when you've learned new things, you think "I want to be able to do that, but I just don't have the time" So that's when you think of Well, what can I get rid of off my existing list to make that time to branch out, do those other things you've always wanted to do.

-  Implement new marketing strategies or it could be that it's not that you don't have the time but you don't have the expertise.

- So then you can actually get someone else doing that and outsource that. That's a really good trigger.

- So that is Savvy Sessions number 20 with Joy and Jo.

- See you next time.

End of Transcription.


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